Cheat Engine 7.2: Download Latest Version for PC, Mac and Android

Cheat engine is a popular tool among many video game players all around the world. Because it helps the users to level up their game using this simple tool.

The cheat engine will give you the ability to modify the game and create different cheats for different aspects of the game while it is running on the background.

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Further, it will help you in winning the video game over your opponent so quickly using the cheat codes that will generate by the cheat engine.

Moreover, the cheat engine is not only capable of making your video game easier to play. But it can make the game challenging as well, depending on your preference.

What is Cheat Engine?

The cheat engine program is written in Object Pascal, with the exception of the kernel module.

There are two versions of the application such as Cheat Engine Delphi and Cheat Engine Lazarus.

Cheat Engine Delphi is for the 32-bit version of the Windows XP, and Cheat Engine Lazarus is for the later versions of the windows such as Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Cheat Engine Lazarus is running on Windows Vista, and later versions of the windows with it unsigned 64-bit device driver using a virtual machine known as DBVM.

DBMV developed by the same developers who enable access to kernel space from user mode.

Moreover, DBVM is used to allocate nonpaged memory in kernel mode, creating a system thread at DriverEntry and manually loading the executable image.

However, you need to modify the driver as the driver parameters are not in line with the DriverEntry.

You might already be aware of the fact that the device driver interface of the program is done with a wrapper known as dbk32.dll.

dbk32.dll is capable of requesting alternative Windows kernel functions. Further, it can handle the initialization process and loading function of the cheat engine drivers.

However, dbk32.dll was eliminated in the Cheat Engine Lazarus version due to the fact that there was a bug in Lazarus in connection with the use of try and except blocks.

As a result, it had to bring in the driver functions to the main executable.

If you do not want to share the game-specific source codes, you can use the plugin architecture feature provided by the program as the general cheat engine application is an open-source tool.

So if you need to get the plugin, you can find it on the Cheat Engine official website and some other gaming websites as well.

What is the Kernel Module

Further, the kernel module is not necessarily required when it comes to using of Cheat engine at its general capacity.

However, it can be used to bypass the hooked API in Ring 3 and some Ring 0 as well.

The module is written in the C Windows Driver development kit. Moreover, the kernel module helps to set specific hardware breakpoints as well.

Software Info.

Application NameCheat Engine
File Size17 Mb
Content Rating12+
Supported PlatformsPC, Mac and Android
Supported VersionWindows XP and Above

Download Cheat Engine


Why you need to use the Cheat Engine

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We all have played video games on different platforms like in PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Mobile, and so on. So we all know that feeling when we are struggling in a game for days being unable to win it.

More importantly, when there is a stage of the game that you are not able to pass through, the cheat engine software will help you to pass that stage and proceed to the next level.

So, you don’t have to struggle in a game anymore as long as the CE application is with you.

You do not have to worry even if the original game developers have not created cheat codes officially for a particular game. Because the cheat engine program is capable of generating tailored cheats any type of video game instantly.

Some people might think that it is ethical to use tricks in a game and various things.

But this is not something new, trainers and cheat codes have been there for ages.

So, everybody knows it and most of the are using them.

Further, there is a cheat engine version for android operating system as well. So you can download and install the apk on your android device.

The apk file is available on the developer’s official site.

How does Cheat Engine work

It’s an open-source application primarily for windows operating system. Further, the software has the ability to resemble Memory Hacking Software, TSearch, and ArtMoney.

Therefore, when a user input certain commands to the application it will search through the memory and displays the users with all the available options for a particular video game As a result of the integration with a video game.

Sometimes, the application needs modifications to avoid someone detecting that you use the cheat engine when you are playing video games.

Cheat engine program has specific codes that allow the code itself to operate independently from the main software.  

You can find these codes in some forums and websites as well.

Further, you can take out a particular code from the main software and use it independently without the help of the Cheat engine program.

Later versions of the Cheat Engine software can produce trainers in the form of a table. These trainers are mostly used for testing purposes.

If you are to use these trainers or executables, you do not have to enter cheat codes.

Because it can modify the game in a way that you can proceed further in the game without any trouble.

However,you can use some of the trainers to play video games because they are usable directly while you play the game without running the cheat engine software.

So it’s straightforward to create trainers with cheat engine trainers creator.

The developers of the program first introduced CE trainers creator in version 6.1. However, they have not updated the module since then.

Even though it had a massive popularity, The developers put more weight to Lua to generate trainers.

How to Install and Use Cheat Engine

CE trainers using guide

The tool has to create custom cheats depending on the type of video game that you are playing and aspects that it has to modify.

So only by merely installing the software, you can’t get all the advantages over your enemies like infinite health, fast running, fast-flying, unlimited money.

The reason is that the memory scanner of the cheat engine software has to search in the memory process in your game and find possible values that it could modify for your preference.

However, the CE gives you a full tutorial as to how you can use the cheats on each game. Further, the official website has published some pre-determined cheated for many games so that you can use them as well.

Further, if joint gaming community apps like Discord, you can learn many features about CE.

How to modify Aspects of a Video Game

You need to open the cheat engine program and keep it running in the background before you open the game. So then it allows you to operate the features of the software while you are playing the game. It could be,

  • Adding new vehicles
  • Increasing players
  • Changing the game theme
  • Walking through walls
  • Teleporting
  • Absolute freedom for moving
  • Unlocking maps
  • Increase the life and so on.

So it all depends on the time of your video game and what you need to achieve.

The cheat engine will show you the modifiers that you could alter inside the game while you play the game.

When you find out an aspect of the game that you want to alter, you have to input that value in the cheat engine and search for it. When the cheat generated for that particular aspect works.

You will get them in the cheat list (address list), and you have the option to rename them as well. So you can rename it with a name that will remember to use such codes in the future.

Above video tutorial shows you how to use the CE application on PC.

Further, there is some readymade cheat code available on the official website for some of the popular video games like below and so on.

FIFAFarCryCall of DutyBorderlands 2Borderlands 3Risk of Rain
Dark soulsMonster hunter worldSekiroStellarisKenshiAssassin's creed odyssey
Code veinBattletechStardew valleyFearlessCk2Dragon age inquisition
Resident evil 2Darkest dungeonCiv 6Enter the GungeonPathfinder kingmakerRemnant from the ashes
State of decay 2Hearts of iron 4No man's skyMetro exodusTotal war warhammer 2Crusader kings 2
OutwardMy time at portiaGreedfallOuter worldsShadow of war

Cheat Engine Features

The main purpose of developing and designing the Cheat engine program is for the single-player video games.

Therefore, the application discourages the users from using it on multiplayer video games.

When the cheat engine application is running on the background of a video game, it can find the disassembled memory of a process.

With that, the software can input additional features or modify those disassembled areas in a particular part of the game. So that will give the video game player added advantages like infinite health, ammunition, time, and so on.

The application has some popular cheating features like “Wallhacking.” So, the users has the ability to see through walls and other visual barriers.

Moreover, the options like Zoom in and out by altering the certain advance configurations are also available with the use of tools like direct 3D and OpenGL.

Further, the cheat engine program can position the mouse pointer automatically for specific purposes. So it create aimbots in shooting video games by taking some texture in the middle of the screen.

The program may sometimes inject certain codes into several other processes. As a result, some antivirus software detects them as suspicious activities, even though they are not harmful.

It happens because the cheat engine sometimes uses certain techniques that are similar to Trojan rootkits.

This occurs mostly when the heuristic scanning feature is enabled in your antivirus software. However, the latest updated versions of some antivirus software can distinguish them ignore what is not harmful to your PC.  

Moreover, the latest version of the (i.e., version 7.0) cheat engine is less likely to be detected as a harmful application because it has been improved. As a result, it helps antivirus programs can draw a clear line.

The Downside of the Application

Sometimes the program does not work on the latest games. Further, it might take some time to fetch codes for certain types of video games.

If you are getting tired playing video games continually, you can watch movies or TV shows with online applications such as Cinema APK, CyberFlix and so on đŸ™‚

If you are experiencing you PC slowing down due to temporary files that has created different apps like CE, you may try to clean you PC up with CCleaner.

Somewhere back in 2017 Entertainment Software Association (ESA) filed a legal case for copyright infringement against the cheat engine developer.

As a result, the developers of the software agreed with ESA and terminated the availability of the cheat table section to the public.

Further, it led to the development of a new gaming community called Fearless Revolution.

Moreover, well-known members of the old community moved to that community.

So now, Official Cheat engine owners focus on the development of the tool only.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download cheat engine?

You can simply download the application from the download section of this article.

How to use cheat engine on Roblox?

Sometimes players find it difficult at activates cheats on Roblox because game is playable only in a online browser. However, IF you keep running CE program on the background, you will easily get the cheats for Roblox online video game.

How to use cheat engine tables?

Firstly, you need to download and install the program and open it. Then you have to select the game process in the application and enable the trainers.

How to use cheat engine on Bluestacks?

You can use the same process that you use to activate cheats in the PC. Because Cheat engine has no difference. so you can run the application in background and open the video game in Bluestacks.

How to use cheat engine on flash games?

You have to open the installed application first and then run the Flash game. That’s it!

How to use cheat engine on android?

There is a separate version of the CE program for Android operating system. Or else you use a Android emulator to play android games while Cheat Engine application running on the background.

How to get undetectable in cheat engine for Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)?

All you have to do is running the Program in the background the the game

How to freeze values on cheat engine?

You have to add the address to the cheat list and check the box to Freeze or Unfreeze

How to use cheat engine on android without rooting?

There are certain ways to use Cheat Engine on Android without rooting. Such as using an Auto clicker app, Hacking time based games with device time and use cheats with Lucky panther app.

How to use cheat engine on chrome?

You can use the general process for Chrome as well. That is running the Cheat Engine as a background application.

How to update the CE?

You will get the automatic update notification in the software itself or you can visit for latest updates.

What games do cheat engine work on?

Cheat engine works for almost all the types of games. However it does not support for certain newly arrived games. Please read the article to find the games that we have tested for the program compatibility.

What are cheat engine alternatives?

There are certain alternatives softwares available such as Cheat Solitare, Game Speed Adjuster, GameGain, ArtMoney, Quick Memory Editor, Speed Gear, Algadon and so on.

How to use CE on Mac?

You can run the Cheat Engine on Mac. Firstly, you have to go to the terminal and directory where CE is placed. There you have to run the below code “sudo ./

How to use Cheat Engine on Steam?

There is no difference. You can first run the CE application and then run the Video game on Steam