CCleaner 5.83.9050: Download Latest Version For Windows, Mac and Android

CCleaner is a software can clean unnecessary files in your Windows computer like temporary files, cookies, unused data, previous windows files, log files, old updates, thumbnails, various cache files, and so on.

The main advantage of the CCleaner tools is that it can bring more space to your computer as a result of removing unwanted files.

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CCleaner runs regular checkups and finds what slows down your PC.

If it finds unnecessary files, the tool will remove them to improve the performance of your PC.

So, it is a must-have tool if you are using a windows computer.

What is the CCleaner application?

CCleaner is actually a tune-up application for your PC.

It has the ability to tune up your PC by allowing your operating system to run smoothly without getting interacted with unnecessary files and programs.

Also, we can manually carry out thorough scanning and cleaning projects in our own defined criteria.

CCleaner is one of the best tools when it comes to tuning up PC and deleting unnecessary files.

So you have the option to choose the free version or Premium version depending on your requirement.

The Developers of the CCleaner tool is a London based company known as Piriform Ltd. Speccy is one of the other application that developed by the same organisation.

Also, the tool is a closed sourced software that you can download it on a different type of devices and various operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Android.

The software was first introduced to the market in September 2003.

Since then, they have released lots of updated and improved the capability of the application significantly.

The primary objective of CCleaner is to optimize your operating system and thereby gain disk space.

As Windows operating system users, we all know that there are certain times where we are unable to delete certain files.

Also, there are some programs that we cannot uninstall in the Windows control panel.

So the solution for such situations is CCleaner. Because it can remove undeletable files and uninstallable applications.

Moreover, CCleaner can prevent certain applications from being automatically executing themselves when the operating system initially starts up.

Once you run the CCleaner for the first time and restart your computer, you will feel that your system boots faster.

Moreover, you can navigate quickly among files and folders than before.

Why is CCleaner One of the Best PC TuneUp Application?

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There is a range of cleaning options that you can choose depending on your requirement, such as cleaning up the disk space, fixing application and file errors, deleting obsolete files and shortcuts, and so on.

CCleaner is one of the most downloaded tune-up software.

Currently, there are more than 200 Million downloads since it was first introduced.

Some of the alternative applications that are available for free download is Clean Master and BleachBit.

Faster web browsing

When you are surfing the internet with the help of a web browser, it usually collects a massive amount of unnecessary data such as cookies, files, etc.

So, such data may reduce your internet browsing speed as well.

Therefore, downloading CCleaner will help you to get rid of such data and speed up your internet browsing.

These settings can be adjusted in your web browser settings as well.

So if you are not sure what to change in order to speed up the browsing. It is better you install CCleaner once and for all.

Safety of Browsing

As we all know, not all the website on the internet gives us the facility to disable collecting of cookies even though there are a lot of new laws and regulations relating to data privacy.

Therefore, there may be a chance that they collect your data, such as stored passwords and usernames, cached data, browsing history, and so on.

So it is crucial that you make sure your data are cleaned up with CCleaner and protect your data.

Speed up PC operating system navigation

Many software that you have installed in your PC creates unnecessary temporary files when you work with them.

For an example, if you are using Windows software like Cheat Engine, BlueStacks etc. it might create certain temporary files.

So, over time, the number of such files become even bigger.

As a result, it could consume a considerable amount of your hard disk and may also disturb the operational efficiency of your operating system.

So CCleaner can remove the files and free up your disk space allowing the operating system to run smoothly.

One of the critical features in the CCleaner is the “Startup application detector.”

This option can find what programs get activated automatically when you boot your PC even though you are not using them and disable them.

It helps to eliminate the extreme performance (i.e., RAM, CPU, GPU, etc.) consumption and thereby allocate the maximum performance potential to applications that you are actually using.

Get rid of System Errors.

Sometime when you are operating your PC, you might have experienced that lots of error messages pop up.

That is a clear indication that your operating system or installed applications require repairs and fixes.

So, it is time for you to get the help of a PC tuner application like CCleaner.

Because the application is also capable of showing you the amount of data needs to be backed up to lose them.

CCleaner secured Browser

As per the official explanation of the Developers, it says that CCleaner secured browser is capable of protecting personal data and making sure that no footprint is left.

However, the Avast antivirus company acquired this Browser, and it continues with the same icon of CCleaner.

CCleaner for cloud

CCleaner Cloud is a different way of getting your PC cleaned without having to install the application on your computer.

 It operates as an online tool and accesses to your PC for the tune it up.

The primary advantage of the online cloud-based platform is that it comes absolutely for free.

However, you need to have an internet connection in place and sit in front of your PC when you are running the online cloud version.

Further, the paid pro version of the default version gives more options for the user.

CCleaner Portable

CCleaner portable is for USB flash drives.

Once you put it the flash drive, it makes sure that the file you copy from the USB device to your PC is safe.

Regular Updates

Piriform company rolls out regular updates in order to match the present environment and improve the operating capability of the tool.

Application Package Info

Application NameCCleaner
File Size24.13 Mb
Content Rating12+
Supported Operating SystemWindows, Mac and Android
System RequirementWindows 7 and above

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CCleaner Features (Review)

The application can delete your browsing histories. So that you can get rid of years of accumulated historical browsing data.

It is a headache when there is a lot of application running in the background while you are working on your PC.

So this tool can prevent programs from being automatically running without them being opening.

There are certain occasions, even after you uninstall a software, some files and folders still remaining in the root folder, and you think you have deleted everything.

CCleaner has the ability to detect such files as well and delete them permanently from your computer.

Sometimes when you accidentally get into Windows registry files and folders, you will see thousands of registry files, and you do not know whether they are necessary for the system to operate or not.

So that is the reason why you need to have CCleaner installed on your computer.

Because it can distinguish what is necessary and what is not essential to operate the operating system and other applications.

If the tool doubts whether certain files are required or not, It will pop up a notification to the administrator asking the necessity of such files.

More importantly, One of the main things that consume our disk space is duplicate files and folders.

Because sometimes we forget that we have a specific file and we take another copy to our computer.

When you are using the same operating system and other applications for a long time, it could cause issues and errors in such systems.

As a result, those applications may not work properly, or sometimes they might not work at all.

So CCleaner can help you to fix such errors and restore the operating efficiency in such applications to the default.

Downsides of the application

There is a concerning point being discussed here and there regarding the fact that CCleaner is running in your PC background all the time and sending data back to the company servers.

Apparently, some people do not recommend to upgrade the application to 5.45 version and upwards.

How to use CCleaner

You just have to download the application from the download section and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

 And then launch the application. That’s it.

CCleaner has an easy to use interface.

So a person with less computer knowledge can also operate it.

The scanning option mainly breaks into two options, known as Windows and Applications.

Firstly, the application runs the analyzation procedure, and then it begins to clean up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why CCleaner won’t update?

It may be due to your network connectivity problem. so check your internet connection.

Is CCleaner safe?

Yes. the application is safe to use. we have check it on Virustotal platform.

How do I use CCleaner’s Duplicate File Finder?

Open the duplicate file tool and enter the type of matching (i.e. Name, Date, Size, Content)

How can I restore Registry Backups?

To restore the registry backup that CCleaner has deleted, Go to the backup location and find the backup file  cc_date_time.reg and then right click and click on merge.

What is Active Monitoring?

Active monitoring is the feature where CCleaner running on the background do perform regular checkups.