Speccy 1.32.774: Download Latest Version for Windows

Speccy is a freeware utility program developed by the Prinform company. The all-time popular CCleaner is also one of the software developed by the same organization.

This utility application is primarily available for the Microsoft Windows platform, and you can run this software on almost all the newer versions of Windows, such as Windows 10, 7, 8, etc.

speccy main image

Speccy shows you all the information regarding your computer hardware and related specification in one dashboard with more useful information.

What is Speccy? 

As we mentioned earlier, speccy shows you all the hardware and software information about your computer.

So some of the detailed specifications that shows relating to hardware and software include,

  • Band and Model of your computer processor.
  • Size and speed of your Hard Drive.
  • Installed Memory (RAM) size.
  • Your Graphic card details and their Model
  • MotherBoard
  • Optical Drives
  • Drivers
  • File Locations
  • Peripherals
  • network
  • Speedometer
  • Audio supports, etc.

Therefore, Speccy helps you to identify all the Hardware and Software that is available on your system.

Moreover, it gives you the option to monitor how such resources are used. So you can see the usage levels as well.

Its a bit similar to Windows Task manager in that sense, however speccy shows that information in a much untestable manner.

Some of the reviewers have stated that the Speccy is the cleanest and detailed software that they have user ever in terms of specification monitoring.

Further, Speccy does not consume much space in your hard drive, and it does not slow down your computer speed.

Because this utility app is a lightweight program with an advanced system information tool for your PC.

Further speccy has given you the option to download details and scan results in the form of a snapshot, XML, or text files.

So you can easily share them with other parties like technical assistants and so on.

Further, there is specific software like MSI Afterburner that gives you all the utility details of Graphic cards.

Also, if you just need to see only the very basic about your PC, you can just right-click on my computer and got to properties to see them.

Application Package Information

Application NameSpeccy
File Size6.89 Mb
Content Rating12+
Supported Operating SystemWindows
System RequirementWindows 7 and Above

Download Speccy


How to Download and Install Speccy?

speccy download image

You just have to click on the download link on this page.

After that, it will take you to the Prinform official download page. So there you have to download the application.

Once you have downloaded the setup file or installer, you have to open it and install it on your computer by following the on-screen instructions.

That’s all.

Now you can find the successfully installed Speccy app on the Windows applications list.

How to Use Speccy Utility Tool?

Why is Speccy is one of the best system specifications monitoring software?

The application gives you an instant summary of its left-hand navigation window.

Speccy does not take much time to scan your entire PC and analyze all the hardware and software installed on your computer.

Further, Once you click on an item listed in summary, it will show you the detailed information regarding that particular function.

Also, there are certain settings in the application, allowing you to adjust temperature and language.

Further, the temperature features are so accurate in this tool because it shows you the sensor data from the PC to Hard drive.

Moreover, it gives us the confidence that our CPU and hard drives are operating within acceptable temperature levels.

In addition to the free version of the application, there is a premium version available known as Speccy Professional.

With that, you can have many more features than the free version does not have.

However, the free version of the Speccy is more than sufficient to monitor the hardware and software running on a PC.

One of the most crucial features is that Speccy allows you to monitor the overall and individual temperature of each hardware component in your PC.

So it helps you to identify if something is going wrong quickly.

Further, there is a portable version of the software as well. So it allows you to carry the installed application on USB flash drives.

Speccy is accessible for all the type of users. It supports more than seven major languages worldwide, including English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

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Speccy Features (Review)

application dashboard

Speccy has a clean user interface. So it helps users to navigate through different functions without any trouble quickly.

So the primary purpose of this tool is to provide more convince and information about hardware and software than what Windows operating system has given you in default.

As a result, it has modern buttons, dialogs, gray tones, colorful icons, and so on that gives you the experience of modern software.

One of the exciting features is that it allows you to quickly get a summary of your system as well as a detailed report.

So if you are not a tech guy, that summary report may help you to glance through about the system information of your PC.

For example, let’s say you wanted to know how many memory slots available in your PC,

You do not have to remove the casing of your PC and physically inspect that because you can get all the information with Speccy.

It will help you to identify the number of RAM slots and buy new RAM from a store according to the statistics available in this application.

Further, you do not have to bring your PC to a computer repair center to identify and recommend the hardware needed for your PC.

All of the information that speccy displays will help you in different ways.

Let’s say that you are going to sell your PC. So at that time, you have to list specifications along with your computer.

So this application will help you to get them all in a few seconds.

Downsides of the Application

Speccy does not show you the real-time data. Therefore, you will not be able to spot any issues as they occur other than temperature.

So if you need Real-time data, you might have to install another software like MSI Afterburner.

Sometimes, it fails to scan some functions of your PC. So you have to try again and see whether it will work.

Further, this tool does not show you any benchmarking information in the application. So if you have no idea what are the recommended levels that require your PC. You have to find that out separately.

Moreover, if you have forgotten the login credential for Speccy, you can use software like Cain and Abel to recover them

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Speccy safe?

Yes. Speccy is a 100% safe app. Techslott Lab has verified it using VirusTotal technology

Can I get Speccy for mac?

Unfortunately, Speccy utility application is not available for Mac. So you may consider alternative applications like Mactracker, MachineProfile and so on.

What is Speccy used for?

This application is used to monitor installed Hardware and Software of a computer.

Why Speccy is not showing cpu temp?

You may try to restart the app. if not try to restart your computer.

What are Speccy alternative?

There are several software available that privides the same features as Speccy such as CPU-Z, HWiNFO, GPU-Z, MSI Afterburner and so on.