Cinema HD APK 2.4.0: Download Latest Version For Android, Firestick and PC

Cinema apk is an all in one entertainment application developer initially for Android. Millions of people all around the word use cinema HD app to watch movies tv shows and live tv channels.

cinema apk main image

The app can be installed on any of the media streaming devices like Nvidia shield, firestick, Roku, Chromecast, Android tv box, MI box, mobile, pc and Mac.

Further cinema apk can easily be integrated with Real Debrid and Trakt as well.

What is Cinema HD App

As media streaming via online became so popular in the last decade, the traditional way of watching tv and movies have changed. 

As a result of everyone in the world having portable mobile devices, People started using their mobile phones and tablets to watch movies and tv shows.

The main reason is that it is very convenient for people.

Therefore, they do not necessarily have to go to the theatre to watch movies.Also, they do not have to sit with a tv to watch live tv channels.

Now it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. You might be at your office, college, work station, travelling and so on. You can watch all your favourite movies and tv shows on this app.

One of the main benefits of Cinema apk is that it publishes new movies and tv shows to the app after about one week they are officially released in movie theatres.

So you do not have wait for a longer time to watch newly released movies and tv episodes like other apps.

Moreover, cinema HD consumes only a negligible amount of memory in your device once it is installed.Therefore, it does not bring you an additional burden on your shoulders when it comes to the memory consumption of your android device.

Further, there are no tedious registration procedures to be done when you are initially installing the app. 

Its actually good news for people who like to get in what they want because they do not have to waste their time in providing an email address, phone numbers, etc. All you need to do is download and install the app.

Cinema App Info

Application NameCinema APK
File Size14.8 Mb
Content Rating12+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, Firestick, Nvidia Shield, PC & Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 or Above

Cinema HD APK Download

Cinema HD apk is not available on google official App Store. So, you can download it using the below link.

You can also download this App from AppLinked, FileSynced and Unlinked stores as well


Cinema Apk Features

cinema apk download image

You can easily install Cinema apk on any media streaming devices and well compatible with operating systems like Windows, Android, iOS.

The app can be integrated with Real Debrid so that you have the option to stream any video content with zero buffer.

It offers you high-quality video playing options such as High definition 1080p and 720p levels to lower quality levels as well.

So that you can select higher quality video options when you have a speed internet connection and similarly you can choose a lower quality option when you are running out of data or when your internet speed becomes slower.

Cinema apk has all the famous medial players like Mx player, VLC player and so on inbuilt in the app itself. Therefore, you can stick to your preferred player.

Most of the users find that it’s straightforward to navigate the app because the interface is very attractive and user friendly.

Unlike other apps that have only basic features, cinema HD apk has given you the option to request your favourite movies or tv shows from the developer if they are not available on the app.

Therefore, you will have your favourite movies all the time with you

Moreover, it cuts your expensive subscriptions to premium service providers such as Hulu, Netflix, HBO and so on because the majority of the video content of the app library is absolutely for free.

Further, there are several alternatives such as Cartoon HD, Strix TV, Syncler which has similar options as Cinema Apk.

Why Cinema APK is rated as a top-rated App

Cinema apk has given you the option to download any of the video content that is available inside the app library.

As a result, you can download and watch them later, even without an internet connection.

The developer is regularly updating the app. As a result, the media content library of the app gets refreshed every day.

You have the option to sort moves and tv shows in various filters such as action HD movies, horror movies, SC- FI, and so on.

The developers of the app have monetized it by way of adverts. However, they do not pop up while you are watching movies because most of the time, they appear only once.

So far, there are no any complaints from users regarding significant issues such as higher rate of buffering. 

Most of the time, buffering issues occur when there is a problem with your network connectivity. So you only have to make sure that your internet connectivity is alright.

However, there is a separate contact page in the app for you to report any difficulty that you face while using cinema apk.

How Cinema Apk Works

All you have to do is download the app and install it in your media device. So we have given detailed easy to understand tutorials below for you to download and install the app in different types of devices.

Simplified Guide to Install Cinema Apk on Android


Go to “Security” tab in your Android device and enable apps from “Unknown Sources

enabling apps from unknown sources of the android device in order to install cinema apk


Then download the Cinema apk using the above download link

installation command to install cinema apk


Now wait till the installation process get completed and once it is done. open the cinema app from your android applications list. Thats it!

opening command to open the app

How to install cinema HD APK on Firestick


Firstly, click on the “Settings” tab in your Firestick menu bar

home screen of Firestick device


There is a option called “Applications” click on it.

Applications option under the settings menu


Go to “Collect App Usage Data

Collect app usage data option under applications sub menu


Now you have to “Turn Off” that option

turning off the collect app usage data option to enable the installation of cinema apk


Go back to the main settings menu and find “Device” Option

Device sub option under main settings menu tab


Now, scroll down and find the “Developer Options” tab

developer options sub meu


Then switch on the “Apps from Unknown Sources

allowing apps from unknown sources in order to install cineme apk


Go to the Search bar of your Firestick home screen and type “Downloader” and search

search bar of the firestick device


You have to download the Downloader app

Downloader app


Click on the “Download” command button

downloading command to installal downloader app


Click on the “Open” button to open the app

opening command


Click “Ok


Click on “Allow

allowing downloader app to access media library


Then you have to enable the “JavaScript” option in the Downloader app settings

enabling JavaScript


Now go back to the home screen of Downloader app and enter the below exact URL there and click on “Go

Entering the cinema apk url on the home screen of downloader app.


Then follow the on screen guide and install cinema apk on your Fire tv

installation command to install cinema apk


Therafter, delete the setup files

deleting setup files of the cinema app


Confirm the command

confirmation command to delete


You have successfully installed the app!

successfully installed cinema apk on the applications list of Firestick

Install Cinema APK on PC


Firstly, You have to download and Android emulator like BlueStacks

bluestacks web page home screen


Once you have installed the Bluestacks emulator, there is a option in the left upper corner called “Install Apk” So you have to click on that option and browse the cinema apk file you downloaded from the download section of this guide.

browsing the apk files to bluestacks emulator


Enjoy the app


You can follow the same process to install the app on your MacBook

Cinema APK for iOS

So far there is no option to install cinema apk on your iphone because the app is not available on app store as well there is no option to install an emulator on your is running iphone. If there is a option coming up for that problem we will update you As soon as possible.

However, you can install the Cinema app on your MacBook following the same procedure that uses to install Cinema APK on PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix Cinema apk not working issue?

This issue is pretty much common for any type of apk. So trying to Update the app and reinstalling the app solves the problem more often than not.

Is Cinema HD Ad free?

No. The app has Ads. However, most of the time they appear only once.

Is Cinema Apk same as Cinema HD

Yes. Cinema Apk was previously known as Cinema HD

Is Cinema Apk safe?

Yes. The application is 100% safe and you can make sure that with Virustotal website

How to update Cinema Apk?

There is a automatic updating features available on the app. Or else you can visit our website for latest updates

Is Cinema Apk Legal to use?

All most all the countries allow this kind of technology to be used. however there could be some regions which has different criteria.

Is Cinema App free?

Yes. so far the app is available to use for free of charge.


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