Strix TV APK 1.1.2: Download Latest Version For Android, Firestick and PC

Strix TV APK is one of the most trusted media streaming apps that is available on the internet today. This application is well compatible with almost all the media streaming devices like Firestick, Firetv, Android TV box, Nvidia Shield, Roku, Chromecast, Mobile, PC, Mac, and so on.

Strix tv apk primary image

The primary objective of developing Strix TV apk is to provide the best possible video streaming experience for the user. As a result, it serves almost all of it movies and tv shows in High definition (HD) quality.

What is Strix TV APK?

Online video streaming using the internet is so convenient when it compares with the old fashion way of watching movies or tv shows. Because you always had to go to the theatre hall if you needed to watch a movie.

Now you can say goodbye to those outdated fashions. Because with the latest technology available today, you can watch whatever the movie or tv episodes on your mobile.

Strix TV apk is one of the apps that are there since the beginning of streaming apps.

This app uses a bit of advanced technology when you compare it with other streaming apps.

However, apps like CyberFlix and Cartoon HD are considered to good alternatives to Strix Movie Apk

Strix TV app downloads some part of your movie or tv episode to the media folder in your device before playing the video file to make sure that you don’t get interrupted with the buffering issue.

However, you need to have some space in your device memory to allow the downloading procedure prior to playing the video. As a result, it may be a negative side for people who are running out of storage space in their devices.

So, in case if you do not have sufficient capacity in your device memory, you can uninstall unnecessary apps and continue to enjoy the app without buffering. Also you can integrate Strix TV with Real Debrid or Trakt to speed up further.

Also, this is an excellent solution if you have a slow internet connection.

Android Package Info

Application NameStrix TV APK
File Size6.45 Mb
Content Rating12+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, Firestick, PC & Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 or Above

Strix TV App Download

Strix TV android app is available in Google Play Store so you can get it directly from the Google Play store. So follow the link below to enter the Google Play.


ACCESS CODE – 229156

Strix TV Features (Review)

download picture of strix tv apk

When you select a movie or a tv episode in Strix TV apk, its show all the actionable options such as downloading, scheduling, access for trailers, video quality adjusting and so on along with the Media file.

You can access for search bar, settings and other features of the app by clicking the left side options bar.

So, if you have a movie or tv series name already in your mind, you can straightaway go to the search bar and search the name of the movie or tv series.

Further, you can set subtitles in any language for all the movie and tv shows that are available in the Strix TV media library.

So to make sure that your subtitles work properly all the time its important that you enable the “clear cache folder on exit” option all the time.

The application interface has been improved all the time to enhance the user experience. As a result, you can switch between different options and contents at no time.

Moreover, Strix TV is not limited to English movies. It has Arabic, Bollywood, Chinese, European and Tamil films as well.

As you may already aware, Strix TV apk was primarily developed for the Android operating system.

Therefore, you need mouse toggle to operate some features of the app. So, it is a negative point when it comes to using Strix TV on Firestick device.

However, there is a solution for that where you can install a mouse toggle app and overcome the issue.

How Strix TV APK works?

Unlike other streaming apps like ciberflix or Livenett, Strix TV app uses a two-dimensional technology to stream video contents.

The app works in the way of downloading the source file, or it can stream contents by publicly broadcasting your IP address while using the app.

So it is always better to use a VPN to protect the security of your data and your identity while using the app.

In fact, you can simply install Strix TV App on your device by following the below detailed tutorials.

How to Install Strix TV PK for Android

Strix tv Apk for Android


Go to the Official Google Play Store and search the term “Strix” then click on the Strix App icon on the search results to begin the installation process.


Once you are done with the installation process, the app will require you to enter an Access code. So please enter (229156) as the Access code to the app.

So, once the app installation is completed Open the app. That’s it.

You can follow the same steps above to install the Strix App on any type of Android device such as Smartphones, Tablets, Android tv, TV box, Roku and so on.

Complete Guide to Install Strix TV on Firestick

Strix App is now available on the official Amazon App Store as well, therefore you do not have to follow the below app side-load procedure to get the Strix App on Firestick device.

Download Strix App Frm Amazon App Store

Amazon App Store


You have to go to the Firesticks “Settings” Menu as the First thing

Firestick home


Under the settings tab there is another sub option called “Applications” tap on it.

applications sub menu


In that, you wil see another sub option “Collect App Usage Data

collect app usage data option


Now you have to Turn it Off in order to install Strix TV APK

turn on collect app usage data option to install Strix tv apk on Firestick device


Thereafter, go back to Settings tab and in that, you can find another sub option “Device

device sub menu


Scroll down and Select “Developer Options

developer options sub option


There, go to the “Apps from Unknown Sources” and turn it on

turning on apps from unknown sources to get the Strix tv Apk on Firestick


Then, Go back to the search bar and type “Downloader

searcg bar


So you will ge some search results and in that please click on the Downloader app icon as you can see in the below image.

side-load app


Then, click on the “download” button

downloading side-load app


After that, click on the open button to “open” the app

open command


Tap “OK



Then, click ob “allow” option



Thereafter, in the left side options bar, you can see the settings option at last, please click on it make sure that you have ticked “Enable JavaScript” option

enabling javascript


Now, go back to the Downloader app home screen and type below exact URL there and click on Go.


Then, Click on “Install” button to install the Strix TV Apk

Installing Strix tv Apk


Once installation completed, you can delete the setup files

delete setup files


Confirm it

confirm it



How to Install Strix TV on PC

strix Apk for PC


Install an Android emulator on your PC. For this tutorial we install Bluestacks Emulator


Then, log in to your Google Playstore account and Get the app from official Google Play Store and Enter the above mentioned Access code to complete the installation

Strix TV for iOS

So far, Strix TV APK is not available on the Apple official app store. Therefore, it a unable to install the app on Apple iPhone. However Strix app can be installed on MacBook following the same process as PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Strix TV Apk safe?

Yes. the app is 100% safe to use. you can scan the apk file with Virustotal website and make sure as well

Is Strix TV Apk Ad free?

No. It has Ads. However they are not interrupting while you watching movies

How to fix Strix TV App not working issues?

It happens due to not updating the app. So you can try to update the app. If it doesn’t work, then you have to reinstall the app. The same is is also known as “Strix need resolve”

How to update Strix TV apk?

You will get automatic update on the app dashboard. or else you can visit our website for updates

What is Strix App code?

The Access code is 229156

How to watch Live TV channels on Strix Apk?

Just head over to the IPTV section in the app and select the tv channels you want to watch.

Can i get Strix Apk on Filelinked?

As you can directly get it over the Google Play, there is no need to use Filelinked