ES File Explorer APK Download Latest Version For Android, iOS and PC

ES File Explorer apk is a file and program management application.

Among many other file explorer applications, the ES File Explorer Pro app stands out from all of them because of the convenience of use and features it has.

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Moreover, the application includes certain tools that are capable of stopping or terminating any unstoppable programs running on your device.

Further, it contains certain additional features like providing direct cloud storage through Google Drive, Mega, Dropbox, SkyDrive, and so on.

Apart from that, the ES File Explorer apk has File Transfer Protocol (FTP Client) access as well. So, you can quickly transfer files between clients and servers on the network.

As a result, you have the option to use it both on your mobile device and PC.

Further when you downloading 3rd party applications like Live Net Tv, Cartoon HD and so on to your android mobile, you can set a separate download folder to store them in your device

What is ES File Explorer APK?

If you are an android user, the ES File Explorer file manager makes your life so easier when it comes to files and program management. 

In fact, it gives you the ability to access any type of file or program that is stored in your android device.

Additionally, ES File Explorer apk has options like moving and sharing files and programs.

So whenever you want to transfer your files to another device or if you want to share them with someone else, you do not have to look for here and there to get it done because ES File Explorer has given you all that facility in their application.

Whenever you want to upload any photo to your Facebook or Drive, you can use the upload option of the application to do it fast.

Further, ES File Explorer shows you the uploading option for any type of file that you have in your android mobile, such as documents, movies, sound clips, and so on.

The in-built media player of the ES File Explorer allows you to watch videos clips and movies in the app itself. So, you do not need to go back and open another application to play video clips.

Managing your mobile networks such as WIFI or mobile data is one of the popular features in the app because it acts as a shortcut to the primary android settings.

The latest version of the ES File Explorer apk is a stacked tab system along with specific gesture commands, including new icons.

Android Package Info

Application NameES File Explorer APK
File Size21 Mb
Content Rating21+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, PC, iOS and Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 or Above

ES File Explorer Download


How to use ES File Explorer

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All you have do is download the application and install it on your device. Given below is a detailed tutorial as to how you can use different features of the app.

How to Access your Cloud Accounts using ES File Explorer


Firstly, you have to open the left side, positioned the main menu, and go to the “Network Options.”


In the Network options, you have to select “Cloud options.”


Then you have to click the “New” button to add a new account


There you will see a list of cloud drivers such as Mediafire, Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega, Open Box S3, Baidu Net Disk, and so on. So you have to choose your desired driver accordingly.


Then you will get a pop-up message to log in to your selected Cloud Drive.


That’s it. Now you can browse all the remote files.

How to Access you Windows Shared folder with ES File Explorer APK

As we mentioned earlier, Es file explorer gives you the option to access remote data using different techniques such as FTP, SMB, or through a local network. So the below guide will help you to get there quickly.


Firstly, you have to go to the Network section in the windows explorer and enable the shared folders on your computer.


Then you have to right click on the folder you want to share and go to the properties, in that click on the “Share” option.


In that, you can see another option called “Advance share.”

So you have to make sure that you have checked that share this folder box there. Also, you can put a different name for that to appear when it’s visible on networks.


Then you have to go back to the Network options in the ES File Explorer apk.

There, you have to select the “LAN” option.


There you have to click on the “Scan” button at the bottom. So it will then find the shared files on the network. In that, you have to pick the remote file that you have just shared.

Once you select the right file, you will be required to enter the username and password. So you can enter your Windows Administer Username and Password there.


That’s all. Now you have complete access to your shared folders.

ES File Explorer Features

When you are working with your files on your android device, you can get the same feeling as you are do it on your PC.

Because ES File Explorer has all the file management features such as copy, cut, paste, rename, move and delete.

When it comes to sending emails with attachments, ES File Explorer has given you the option to open your email along with the subjected file. So it reduces your time by cutting the time taken to scroll through folders to find the right file.

Further, ES File Explorer apk gives you extra convenience with Zip or RAR files because you can extract or compress any file with the application itself, and even you can view the files inside a compressed file.

ES File Explorer is not just a file management app. it is an all in one application to use it as a photo viewer, media player, web browser, cloud file manager, etc.

As the development and improvements that took place over time, tools like photo viewer and video player are faster than some of the dedicated apps for such features.

The app has given you the option to connect with your android mobile remotely using your PC and manage android files using PC with remote access.

Moreover, you can reproduce content online using FTP or SMB connections. Even you can use your local network.

ES File Explorer apk has an easy to navigate interface with a left positioned primary menu button. So all the features are listed under the primary menu button with quick access.

When you go to the home screen of the app you will feel the its more user friendly than your default android home screen.

Moreover, when you are scrolling through the main menu, you can find all the options of the app under several subsections like media library, local storage, other tools, and so on.

Further, you can find the shortcuts for popular platforms like Google services and other social media such as Facebook within the in-built web browser of the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there alternatives for es file explorer?

Yes. there are some alternative software like Total Commander, Process Explorer, Amaze File Manager, File Expert, iFilesGo, Solid Explorer, that has similar features as ES File Explorer

How to get ES File Explorer on ios device (iPhone)?

The application is available in the official Apple app store. So you can easily get it.

How to uninstall es file explorer apk on android?

Simple. You just have to delete the app. Then the app will be uninstalled.

How to install es file explorer on Samsung smart tv?

All you have to do is delete the application from the apps list of your android smart tv.

What are the devices that ES File explorer supports for?

You can use ES File explore in Android, Ios, Mac, PC, Android Tv, Firestick, and so on.

What happened with ES File Explorer?

There was an incident in 2019 that the ES File Explorer was removed from the Play Store. However, the application is available at the Play Store again.

Is ES File Explorer safe?

Yes, it is entirely a safe application to use.