FileZilla 3.55.1: Download Latest Version For Windows, Mac and Linux

FileZilla is one of the most popular cross-platform File transfer protocols (FTP), and it uses lots of people worldwide.

You can download this application free from this page and use it on different operating systems like Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.

filezilla main image

However, server binaries are available only for Windows.

Also, FileZilla mainly has two elements, known as FileZilla Client and FileZilla Server.

You can use both the Server and Client on a standard FTP version and FTPS version.

FTPS is the same as FTP. However, when FTP is integrated with SSL or TSL, it becomes FTTPS.

Apart from that, Client has the ability to connect with SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) servers as well.

Also, when you are using FileZilla, you do not have to open two different file explores for the local computer and the server.

Because this application allows you to see both the locations from Windows file Explorer.

Further, there is a FileZilla Pro version that you can get from the official website.

So it has some additional protocol supports like WebDAV, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure Blob and File Storage, and Google Cloud Storage.

What Is FileZilla?

In Layman’s terms, FileZilla is a software that works as a network protocol to transfer files between a client and a server on a computer network.

It allows you to transfer even large files between the server and the Client. So you have the option to transfer file the size more than 4GB.

Also, you can secure all your FileZilla passwords with one Master Password for all. So that will give you more security for your files.

Further, it supports 47 Different languages so that users all around the world can use FileZilla without any language barriers.

When it comes to the Server side, it allows you to allocate permission levels for different users in the server and even filter Ips for various purposes.

Moreover, it has features like DEFLATE compression, Encryption with SLL and TSL, GUI configuration tools, Speed limits, Permission settings, and so on.

FileZilla first appeared in 2001 as a project of Tim Kosse and few others.

The primary source code of the FileZilla application is hosted on SourceForge.

It is a software project management platform.

So this platform allows free and open-source software developers to manage their software projects on a centralized base.

Also, the FileZilla project was one of the most recognized projects on the SourceForge platform.

Because it was named as the “Project of the Month in November 2003.”

Application Package Information

Application NameFileZilla
File Size9.58 Mb
Content Rating12 +
Supported PlatformsPC and Mac
Supported VersionWindows, macOS and Linux

Download FileZilla

Before you download, make sure that you are aware of the bit version of your PC. (i.e., 32-bit or 64-bit)


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How to Download FileZilla?

filezilla download image

You just have to download the installer fron the download section of this page and then double click on it to start the installation process.

Once the installation process begin, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of the application.

Why Is FileZilla One of The Best FTP?

When you are transferring files with FileZilla, you can set your preferred speed limit according to your desire.

Therefore, it helps you avoid interruptions during the file transfer process and limit the speed of giving some space for other applications as well.

When you are browsing a server with a massive number of files, it might take time to find out the data that you are looking for.

So, FileZilla allows you to filter all the files in the given criteria and get that files out separately from the other files.

Further, you can set up Network configuration settings in FileZilla with a step by step wizard.

Not only FileZilla allows you to transfer file between server and Client you can also edit the files in the server.

So you can edit files on the server without downloading them.

Therefore it saves your time that it could have been taken to download the file into the local computer, then edit the file and finally re-upload the file back to the server.

Even if your network connectivity gets disconnected, you can avoid the process getting interrupted.

Because FileZilla sends you a notification regarding the fact.

Also, if you have not been using the remote connection, but you have still connected to the server, it will remind you of the fact that you are connected to a remote server and asks your permission whether you want to keep alive the connection.

This notification sends time to time when the connection goes idle for a longer time.

Further, it supports HTTP/1.1, SOCKS5, and FTP-Proxy as well.

Also, FileZilla wants you to log in to the application so that your account is accessed only by you.

Moreover, you can experience Synchronized directory browsing with this application.

How to Use FileZilla?

There are various resources that you can find as to how you can use different features in this software.

Those resources are available in the form of tutorials, video guidance, and so on.

You can get instant support from some of the active FileZilla communities such as Forums, Wiki, and bug and feature request tracker.

It may looks like TeamViewer, but it uses in a different manner.

How to Use Quick Connect Bar?

quick connect option

When you are opening up the FileZilla application, you will see a bar to get access to your host site instantly by providing the user name, password, and port.

Once you have entered such details, click on the “Quick Connect” button to get access.

Further, this bar remembers the historical login details. Therefore you might not have to enter the credentials again if you have logged in previously.

However, this bar may sometimes clean the login credentials for security concerns.

How to Navigate on the Server and Local Machine?

filezilla home screen

Once you successfully connect with the server, you will see a window like the below image.

So on the left side, you will see the local computer directories, and below that, you see the files included in that directories.

Also, on the right side, you can see the Remote directory, and below that, you see the files included in the remote server directory.

So you can move between folders by double-clicking on them.

If you need to edit the folder name, click on the edit button to rename the folder.

How to Use Synchronized Browsing In FileZilla?

When you have the same file structure in both your local machine and server,

You can enable a synchronized browsing feature for them.

This means once you do a change either in the server or local computer, it will be duplicated on the opposite location.

If you want to enable synchronized browsing,

Firstly, you have to make sure that you have the same file structure for both the server and local machine.

After that, you have to first go to the site manager, and then in the Advanced tab, you can check the synchronize option.

How to Compare Directories?

directories comparison feature

If you want to check the difference of file between the local computer and the server, Go to the “View” option.

There you will see the Directory comparison option.

So you will have different parameters to compare files by comparing files by file size, modification date, and so on.

How to Transfer Files In FileZilla?

You just have to click on the file to upload or download it to the server or your local machine, respectively.

So once you click, it will go to the job queue, and you can monitor the progress in the progress bar.

With this option, you can do the downloading and uploading for multiple items as well.

Or else you can drag and drop files.

How to use FileZilla to Upload or Download a Website From a Hosting account?

Filezilla is compatible with many hosting service providers. So if you are not sure whether the FileZilla is compatible with your Hosting account, just open a ticket and ask them.

So once you have open the application, provide your website domain name in the “Host” field.

Similarly, you can use your hosting account IP address as well instead of the website domain name.

The username and the password would be your Cpanel credentials. Also, for the “FTP port” field, you have to enter the 21.

Then click on the quick connect button.

After that, you will be connected to your hosting account via FileZilla.

So on the right side, you will see the files in your hosting account, and on the left side, you can see the files in your local machine.

In this way, you can upload the website files to the hosting account and download any website from your hosting account to the local computer.

Further you can even your compression file formats like WinRAR or 7-Zip as well.

FileZilla Features

You can transfer all your files within a particular server using FTP, FTPS, and SFTP methods.

The latest version of the internet protocol is IPv6. So you can use thin technology with FileZilla because it supports this application.

One of the important features in FileZilla is that its resume feature. It allows you to pause the file transfer process and resume whenever you want to continue to activate the transfer process again.

When you are using this application, you do not have to stick with it all the time because the user interface is designed with tabs and therefore it allows you to do multitasking while you are using FileZilla.

Further, with that feature, you can browse more than one server at a time, and also you can transfer files between different servers at the same time.

With this software, you will get a site manager function. So it will help you to manage all your server lists, file transfer queues, log in details, and so on.

You do not have to go through all the options to find what you are regularly doing again and again. Because FileZilla allows you to bookmark the most frequently used features.

So that it allows you to access such features quickly.

The Download and Upload feature has a drag and drop function. So you can directly get the work done without going through file paths in the usual way.

With FileZilla, you can compare that files in the server with files on the local computer.

So in this comparison, the software will show you if there is any difference in terms of Name, Size, and Date.

Also, if such comparison parameters are not matching, it will highlight such files in a separate color so that you can take the necessary actions.

Improved Options

When you are working with this software, you can see all the tasks such as file transferring, receiving jobs in the queue on a wide pane at the bottom of the screen.

Also, you can monitor the progress of each task at the bottom of your screen

Further, if any such pane is not useful for you, you can toggle them.

Downsides of the Application

As a result of FileZilla being hosted on SourceForge, as a project. It started to showing Adware and offered the application in the Sourceforge server.

Many users complained about that, and opinions were going up and down, saying that it contains malware.

Because some of the unknows, applications are also getting installed with the original software without user consent.

But now you are given the option to opt-out of the unnecessary application that appears while installing the main application.

Therefore, FileZilla offers two versions of the application. One with Adware and the other one is without Adware.

However, the package with Adware is shown as the recommended one on the website.

Further, it does not work on issues that arise on Internet Information Servers (IIS) as other FTP software.

The user interface has small icons like the old days, so it might seem like a complex application to understand and use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is filezilla safe?

Yes. FileZilla is a 100% safe application. Techslott lab has verified the setup files using VirusTotal technology.

How to fix Filezilla could not connect to server issue?

It could be due to a network connectivity issue. So you have to check whether your are connected to the web properly.

How to Fix FileZilla failed to retrieve directory listing?

Try to close the software and reopen it. then connect to the server again.

winscp vs filezilla what is better?

Both provides similar features. However FileZilla is much popular than Wincp.

What are Filezilla alternatives?

WinCP, Cyberduck and Total Commander are some of the competing software to FileZila and provide similar features.