TeamViewer 15.20.6: Download Latest Version for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

TeamViewer is a closed sourced software.

The primary features of the application are Desktop sharing, Remote control, Online meetings, Web conferencing and File transferring.

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Out of many other applications, TeamViewer is one of the oldest applications out there for a long time that offer the above features.

Therefore, it has gained the trust and popularity among many users all around the world.

Moreover, TeamViewer is for everyone, because it’s highly accessible for any type of user.

You may be an individual, medium-sized company or large IT corporation. It suits for all the types of users when it comes to remotely accessing and sharing screens, meeting and conferencing.

So, the TeamViewer is a must-have application on your computer.

The developers of the application take regular measures to improve the user experience and fix any issues that the users face while they are using the software.

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer was initially introduced in 2005 by a German company called TeamViewer GmbH.

Someone could introduce this as a Remote controlling application.

That’s true. All the features that we have mentioned above come under the broad term of remote controlling.

However, this is different from the File Transfer Protocols (FTP) such as FileZilla.

TeamViewer supports for almost all types of operating systems.

So, you can install it on operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Ios, Android, Windows RT, Windows Phone, BlackBerry operating system and so on.

Therefore, it has given the opportunity for different users who use different operating systems.

As a result, it has gained a massive user base over the years.

When you wanted to control or access for a remote PC via TeamViewer in earlier versions of the application, both the PCs had to have the software installed on both the PCs.

However, with the latest improvements, you can access a TeamViewer running PC even without having the software installed it on your computer.

This is now possible with TeamViewer Web browser feature. (also known as TeamViewer Portable).

All the features of the main application are not available in the web browser mode application.

However, it gives you the essential options like remote control of PCs, collaboration and presentation features.

Application Package Information

Application NameTeamViewer
File Size25.47 Mb
Content Rating12+
Supported PlatformsPC, Tablets, and Mobile
Supported VersionWindows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Raspberry PI, Android and iOS

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Why TeamViewer Stands Out from Other Remote Controlling Software?

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TeamViewer gets its name for a reason.

You have the option to connect a team of people into one session.

It helps for people who are running a team of employing (e.g. a project) because the software gives you the ability to connect with your team instantly and continue your work.

Moreover, the team need not be located in one single place.

So that, they can even work at even from home.

TeamViewer helps to run a business remotely. So, with this technology, you do not need to have physical business premises.

Therefore, it helps you to avoid unnecessary costs that you spend on physical premises like office spaces.

When you are getting connected for more than one party at the same time, the application opens for a separate tab for each party.

So that it avoids you mess up here and there while operating the software.

Moreover, separate tabs for each party on the session will help you to stay focused and stay organised on what you are doing.

TeamViewer allows you to work on your computer while you are connected to a remote session because you can resize the remote PC window to one corner of your screen and at the same time, you can manage your other work on local PC.

How to use TeamViewer?

Generally, all the parties that need to get remotely connected have to have TeamViewer installed on their computer.

Once both parties have installed and connected for a session with TeamViewer, controlling of a computer can then be passed to one person to another.

Firstly, you have to get the Partner ID and Password of the computer that you are going to control.

Then enter them in your PC and log in to TeamViewer.

That’s all you have to do.

The above process is the same for Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

How To Control PCs Remotely From Your Smartphone

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When it comes to things like “Tech support” TeamViewer is a must-have application on top of the software list.

The official android app lets you to connect for computers using your smartphone remotely.

Let’s find out how to do it!


Firstly, you need to install the TeamViewer for remote control app on your android device.


Also, make sure that the computer you are going to access remotely, have installed the official TeamViewer client.


After that, open the android app.

There you will have to enter the Partner ID and Password to login to TeamViewer

So, you have to get the ID and Password from the TeamViewer application from the partner’s computer and enter that credentials in the android app.


That’s all

How To access a Remote Android Device from Your PC

PC controlling for mobile

This is exactly the reverse method of doing the above process.

In this method, you can access any remote Android device using your computer.

Therefore, this is pretty much the same as above.


In the PC, you have to install the general version of the TeamViewer as above.


In this case, you have to install a different version app on your Android device.

So, you have to install TeamViewer QuickSupport. App on your android device.


After that, you will have to get the Partner ID and Password from the TeamViewer QuickSupport app and enter them in the TeamViewer PC to log in and connect with android device.


That’s it.

TeamViewer Features

The developers are taking continuous actions to improve the security of the user data while they are using the software.

Therefore, they have included an encryption method based on 2048-bit RSA private/public key exchange and AES (256-bit) session encryption.

Further Two Factor Authentication (2FA) make the remote connection more secure given you another option to verify the access point.

Moreover, if the software detects any unusual activity in terms of using the application, it will automatically enforce for a password reset.

Apart from that, in case your account is being accessed by an unknown device (i.e. A device where you have never logged into your TeamViewer account before) The software will require you to Whitelist the device.

So all these measures will help you to protect your account and prevent someone hacking your account.

TeamViewer is not only for a large business. You can even use it to help your friend in next door.

When you are remotely connected for another computer, sometimes you might have to transfer files between both computers.

So, in that case, you do not have to use a separate application for file transferring purpose because TeamViewer has facilitated that option to you.

You can either transfer files in compressed formats such as WinRAR and 7-Zip or in individual basis.

Therefore, all you have to do when you need to transfer file is, drag and drop the file from one PC to the destination PC.

Or else you can copy and paste them as we do it in an old-fashioned way.

Bug Fixes

Sometimes when you are printing out something using TeamViewer, the printing dialogue did not pop up in the previous version. So, it has been fixed in the latest version.

There was a problem where it prevents script menus being updated automatically when the first script is added to the management console.

In the latest version, that issue has been sorted out.

Also, there was an issue with file transferring option where the file transferring feature gets crashed when you are opening up a directory with lots of files.

So the developers have fixed the crashing issue in the newer version.

There was a bug preventing TeamViewer application from closing down and restarting. That bug has also been fixed now.

Downsides of the Software 

TeamViewer offers the free version of the software only for non-commercial use.

Therefore, they monitor the application usage in order to determine whether anyone is using the software for commercial use.

So, if you are taking extended longer sessions with TeamViewer, it might suspect that you are using the application for commercial usage.

It happens after they have monitored your activities. So, in that case, there is a question and doubt regarding the data privacy of users.

Another thing is that you need always to have proper internet connection when you are using TeamViewer.

Otherwise, it will be stuck, and you will face a lagging effect that makes your life difficult.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use TeamViewer Quick Support to join a remote-control session with Autodesk customer service and technical support.?

Download the TeamViewer quick support version according to your operating system, and no installation will be required.

Then open the file that you have downloaded and provide the ID and Password to the window.

After that support specialist will access to your system and help you out with the problem.

Is TeamViewer safe?

Yes. Its 100% safe. Techslott lab has verified it with the VirusTotal technology.

Is TeamViewer free?

If you are using the TeamViewer for the non-commercial purpose, you can use it for free. However, if you want to use it commercially, then you have to get the commercial version of the software. You can check the pricing on the official website.

Who is remote access software suitable for?

Remotely accessing different devices help people to access different devices faster. It’s suitable for individuals to large scale companies.

What is the latest version?

Version 15 is the latest release.

What are the alternatives for TeamViewer?

AnyDesk, Discord, Dameware Remote Everywhere, Mikogo and Splashtop are some of the close alternatives for TeamViewer.

How to fix TeamViewer connection failed no route issue?

Check the network connectivity and update the software to the latest version.