WinRAR 6.02: Download Latest Version For Windows, Mac, Android and Linux

WinRAR is a popular archive management utility tool. It uses to backup data, reduces the file size, decompresses RAR, Zip, and other similar files.

WinRAR is the most used file archiving application all around the world because the tool is straightforward to use and operate.

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Moreover, the tool is so fast when it comes to compressing and decompressing files and folders when you compare the same with other archive management tools.

This will give you a lot of advantages to your day to day work. Some of those benefits are saving or freeing up your disk space, reduce the capacity requirement when it comes to transferring data, and so on.

What is WinRAR?

As we mentioned above, WinRAR is an essential file compression utility tool with a lot of features.

Moreover, WinRAR is shareware. So it gives you the opportunity to test the application on your own with customized modifications.

More importantly, the application comes to the user free of charge.

Also, you can download the application for Windows 10 PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android on this page.

It supports many file formats such as RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z and 7-Zip, and so on.

Therefore, you have the option to operate all of those files with one single file archiving file management tool.

Many users consider that WinRAR is one of the best file management tools for multimedia archiving because of the convenience of the operation.

The tool has the ability to detect the compression method of your files automatically.

So it can proceed the best method to get the work done.

Moreover, The unique compression algorithm feature of the tool is capable of compressing multimedia, executables, and other related files as well.

Further, WinRAR gives you the option to split your files and archive them into different file sizes. Therefore, you can save your archived files in different locations according to your requirement.

Application Package Information

Application NameWinRAR
File Size3.07 Mb
Content Rating12+
Supported Operating SystemWindows, Mac, Linux and Android
System RequirementWindows 7 and above

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Why WinRAR is One of the Best Archiving Utility Tools?

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When you are transferring data via the internet, you can send it as one single file. So it makes your life easy because you do not have to send all your files one by one.

Further, you can assign a password to your compressed file. So that your file is secure, and the file can only be opened by entering the password.

WinRAR uses a 128-bit password encryption method in their tool.

Further, its authenticated signature technology make sure that your password is highly protected and no one else can hack it.

In the latest version, The developers have increased the RAR files compression speed significantly for the computers with 16 cores and more.

So it will reduce the time taken compression.

Also, you can even compress large size files with less amount of time.

Further, when you are browsing the archived files, WinRAR will show you the folder sizes separate for packed and unpacked folders.

Most of the files and application such as CCleaner, MSI Afterburner ans so on are downloadable as a compressed file. So a file compression and decompression tool for computer is essential.

All the latest software updates and improvements will give you free, and you can check our website ( for the latest updates.

7zip vs. WinRAR

Some users all around the world argue for both applications of 7zip vs. WinRAR.

Moreover, there are some practical tests have conducted using both of these applications to test what compresses faster and what compresses better.

Also, the same was tested in terms of decompression as well.

So some tests results show that WinRAR is better, and some tests show 7zip is better in certain ways.

Therefore, it is up to the user to select what suits best for them.

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WinRAR Features

Additional Improvements

When it comes to highly compressible data types, WinRAR has the ability to achieve a higher compression ratio when it creates RAR5 archives.

The process is known as the “Fastest” method (-m1 command-line equivalent).

Also, the improvements in the processing capability allow you to utilize more threads than the previous version.

Therefore, the maximum threads utilization increased from 32 to 64. So, the command line -mt switch can process values from 1 to 64.

There is an option replacement in the newer version of the application.

“Multithreading” sub-option under the main WinRAR settings page has been replaced with the “Threads” option.

So the Threads option will allow you to determine the number of CPU threads.

Also, you can assign the CPU cores minimum by one and maximum up to the available CPU units.

When you go to the WinRAR “Info” command, you will see the list of archival parameters, and there you will notice the newly added field of “Total folders.”

So you will get extra comfort when you are navigating through the application.

Moreover, the same filed is available on the Archive page in the Windows Explorer properties as well.

When you go through the archived contents, you will see a new window with a progress bar and a “Cancel” button.

So it will allow you to be in touch with the operational progress and cancel the operation if it takes a longer time.

Because certain large file types like .tar.gz and tar.bz2 may become slows when you are accessing the contents inside them.

The resizing option has given to certain windows such as Archiving and extraction progress windows, progress windows, and some other windows as well.

So you can get rid of the large windows and resize them to your desired window size.

 Modifications and Bug Fixes

If you are a user of the WinRAR previous version (i.e., 5.80), you might have experienced that the “Repair” performance for RAR5 archives with recovery record and without data shifts options have deteriorated.

 However, this feature has been restored back in the latest version (i.e., 5.90).

When you are performing recovery record based repairs for RAR5 archives with password-protected or encrypted files password entering window will not come up.

Because it has given the option to execute that command without the password.

WinRAR will automatically create a folder for converted archives if there is not any folder available for a converted archive.

There is a newly added feature for GZIP archives, where you will get extraction support with an optional header checksum field.

Sometimes you might have experienced that WinRAR erroneously displays false messages regarding the “Recovery record is corrupt”.

It happens even though the file is actually not corrupt.

As a result, you are asked to “Repair” the file.

So this bug has been fixed in the latest version.

Sometimes WinRAR ignores quick open settings even though you have set it as default settings.

This happens if you have set the “Do not add” command for the default compression profile and when it gets open with some other commands.

For example, this issue occurs after opening archiving and password popups.

“Ctrl+C” shortcut command did not work for the archive comment window in the previous version. So this has fixed in the new version.

If you have enabled “Put each file to separate archive” and “Archives in subfolders” features in the previous version, the application ignores the specified “file path archive name” field.

The developers have attempted to this concern as well in the newer version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WinRAR safe?

Yes. WinRAR is a 100% safe application that is in use for decades and it uses thousands of people all around the world.

Is WinRAR free?

There are both free version and paid version of the application available. you can ge the free version from this page.

How to download WinRAR?

You have first determine the type of device that you are going to download the application and then download the application from the download section of this page.

What is WinRAR free trial?

When you are getting the paid version, you will get 40 days of premium trial for free.

What is WinRAR portable?

Portable version allows you to use the WinRAR functions without having to install the application.

What are WinRAR alternatives?

There are certain other application such as 7zip, Winzip, B1 Free Archiver, ExtractNow, jZip, PeaZip, Bandizip and so on which works in the same way.

How to install WinRAR?

Firstly, download the app from this page. Then double click on the downloaded file and follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation process.

How to uninstall WinRAR?

Go to the control panel in your Windows operating system and then find the sub option called “Uninstall programs”. Now find the WinRAR and click on uninstall button.

Can WinRAR open 7z?

Yes. it supports for any type of compression format.

How to open rar files on mac?

Firstly, install the WinRAR on Mac and then open the rar file through the application.

How to open rar files on windows 10?

You have to first install and file compression tool and the open the rar file via the installed compression file.