Process Hacker 2.39: Download Latest Version for Windows

process hacker is one of the most advanced tools that help to resolve the problems by studying the subjected processing system and take note of how it works.

So, when you run the application, I will go through all the possible aspect of a particular process and Identify what causes the problem.

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When you are operating the application, you have to be mindful because there is a risk of losing some of your data when process hacker breaks the binding tie of specific systems.

Further, there is an active forum where you can get help from any issues and problems that you have regarding the application.

What is Process Hacker?

This system analyzer software is open-source software.

So that, you can download and use it for free of charge.

Further, you have the option to add any other additional features to the process hacker software according to the open-source software conditions.

Also, it allows the users to systematically identify problems of any particular system and troubleshoot them accordingly.

Therefore, it could potentially detect harmful programs like malicious contents that disturb the smooth operation of particular software.

Once you open this application, you will notice that the software interface is more like a process explorer.

However, it has more advance features than a standard process explorer application.

When you have Process Hacker, it easy very straightforward to identify resource hogs.

Similar to Window task manager, you can sort the CPU usage by clicking on the CPU tab.

So that you can monitor if there is any process that slows down your system.

You can apply the same process above to identify higher usage processes of Private bytes and I/O total rate as well.

It is important to know that some Antivirus applications may flag Process Hacker as a Riskware program because it can terminate many applications.

However, advanced Antivirus applications like Malwarebytes will not flag that as an unwanted application.

Software Package Information

Application NameProcess Hacker
File Size2.16 Mb
Content Rating12+
Supported Operating SystemWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10

Download Process Hacker


How to Download and Install Process Hacker Application?

process hacker download image

You just have to download the installer file from this page and double click on it to begin the installation process.

Then you can follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

How to Use Process Hacker?

Once you install the application, you have to open it.

Then you will see a screen like below. So, there you can see all the running process in a tree view structure.

application home screen

Below is the list of process tabs that you can see in the Process Hacker application.

  • Process Identifier (PID)
  • CPU usage percentage (CPU)
  • I/O total rate
  • private bytes
  • the user-name the process is running under
  • a short description

Once you click on each tab, you can see the related information and sort the data belongs to that particular column.

Similar to the Windows task manager, it shows the usage of Network and Disk after the services tab.

Why is Process Hacker one of the Best System Analyzer?

Process hacker is somewhat similar to Process explorer software.

However, this tool has more features and options than process explorer.

So, if you are an advance user, this tool would be the most fitting system analyzing tool for you.

Further, if you are not an experienced system analyzer, you might want to stick with Process explorer because it has only a few simple options

So, this software is not only studying and analyzing local systems. But it can also analyze online-based systems as well.

Therefore, you can use the Process Hacker application to break certain types of sites that use browlock tactics.

For example, you might have seen sites that prompt a login script like below.

Most of the time, the purpose of such a login script is to get the users first to allow the notification from the site.

After that, it could force you to install a software program from their site.

Generally, when you are facing an issue like this, you will have to close the entire browser along with your other tabs of the browser to get away from that.

 So this could result in you losing your works or tabs that you have opened in other tabs.

However, it allows you to close only one particular tab of a browser by looking at the network tabs.

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Process Hacker Features (Review)

One of the terrible things that we all have experienced with our computer is that we are not allowed to close some software.

It could be due to many reasons.

However, the most common scenario is that your PC notifies you that you cannot close a particular application due to those applications are in use by another process.

Further, this case sometimes leads to you being unable to shut down your computer as well.

So the good news is that you can close all those programs with process Hacker.

Some of these kinds of un closable application can be terminated with the Windows task manager.

For example, in one instances, i was not able to close the MSI Afterbuner application. so i had to use this app to close the software

However, windows task manager does not have the ability to close all the types of programs.

As we mentioned in this article, this application studies the subjected system, and it will find a way to break the tie.

Sometimes, you might get a warning from the software stating that you might lose some of your data during the application in progress.

Usually, this could happen when you are closing a program that other task manager applications cannot close.

Also, one of the other unique features in Process Hacker is that it allows you to create memory dumps of processes.

This is one of the critical features for system analysts to search for strings and initially classify a process accordingly.

All you have to do is Right-click on a particular process and select the “create a memory dump” option.

Then you can select a path to save the memory dump file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is process hacker safe?

Yes. It is a safe application. Techslott lab has verified it with the Virustotal technology

What are process hacker alternatives?

Process Explorer is considered to be good alternative

Can i Install process hacker on Mac?

The software is currently available only for Microsoft Windows Operating system

Can i Install process hacker on Linux?

Unfortunately, it is not available for Linux operating system

Is process hacker a virus?

It is not a virus. it is a system analyzing application. if your Antivirus software falsely detect it as a malware, you may ignore it.

Is this tool Available for both Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit versions?

Yes. you can use the software on both the versions

Process Hacker Vs Process Explorer. Which one is best?

Generally, Process hacker is for Advance users and Process Explorer is for light users

What is Process Hacker portable?

It is a method of using the application without installing it

Can i get external extensions and plugins for Process Hacker?

Yes, you can use the plugins and extensions to enhance the operating capability of the application