Mouse Jiggler 2.0.25: Free Download For Windows (UPDATED 2023)

Mouse Jiggler is a small application for Windows operating system to manage the Mouse cursor movement automatically.

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There are certain situations where we want to keep our PC screen active all the time and avoid the screen going into sleep mode.

This application will help you overcome those situations by artificially creating a mouse movement in your PC.

What is Mouse Jiggler Application?

Mouse Jiggler is a simplified Microsoft Windows application that does not require any installation on your PC.

All you have to do is download and launch the application to use it.

Even though this is a simple app that utilizes only a few kilobytes of your storage capacity, it is a highly useful tool for many computer users.

Usually, the Mouse Jiggler application helps automate your time taking tasks without being interrupted by Windows screen saver mode.

We all have certain types of computer tasks that take a long time. It could be half an hour or several hours.

For example, when you put a large file to download on your PC, it might take few hours, and you want it to be downloaded without any interruption during the process.

So one of the major interruptions would be that your computer is going to sleep mode or screen saver mode automatically during the downloading process is underway.

As a result, it might interrupt your download progress.

Therefore, you might have to start your downloading or uploading tasks again.

At that time, you probably have already lost your time and internet data.

So, you can use applications like Mouse Jiggler to prevent your PC from going into sleep mode or screen saver mode.

Further, it will save your time and effort that you would have spent on a time-consuming computer task.

Software Package Information

Application NameMouse Jiggler
File Size480.91 Kb
Content Rating4+
Supported Operating SystemWindows
System RequirementWindows 7 and Above

Download Mouse Jiggler App


How to Download and Use Mouse Jiggler?

This application is totally free to download and use.

Just head over to the download section of this page and download it to your computer.

You do not have to worry about system compatibilities as this application supports almost all the Windows operating system versions, including never versions like Windows 10.

Also, the application works on both 32-bit and 64-bit version operating systems.

For latest improvements of the Mouse Jiggler app, please visit the developer’s website

application user interface

Why Do you Need to Have Mouse Jiggler Application on Your PC?

Mouse Jiggler application can be useful in many situations for computer users.

As we have said earlier, this application is mostly used to avoid Windows sleep mode.

So that could be considered as the ultimate broad objective.

Before that, there could be many reasons why you need to use the Mouse Jiggler tool.

For example, there are certain online-based software applications where you want to show your online status even when you are not Infront of your PC.

Generally, when the PC recognizes that there is no activity, it goes to sleep mode, and as a result, that software show your status as offline.

So you can easily avoid such instances and make yourself available online even when you are away from your computer using the Mouse Jiggler application.

As we mentioned earlier, this application does not require any installation.

Also, it has a straightforward user interface, and there are not any complications in the application.

When you open the Mouse Jiggler application, you will see two options called “Jiggler” and “Zen-Jiggler.”

The difference between these two options is that the Regular Jiggler will show you that your Mouse cursor moves as a real human user does it.

However, Zen-Jiggler will not show you any movement in your mouse cursor, but it will artificially convince the Windows operating system that the user is actively operating the PC.

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Can I Disable Screen Saver mode in the Windows OS settings?

Yes. You can do that.

However, you will have to go here and there to find the different options on your PC, and it is not straightforward as the MouseJiggler application.

Further, if you are working in an office or using an office laptop, you might not be allowed to change the Windows operating system settings.

So taking all these factors together, the simple solution to avoid Windows sleep mode is the Mouse Jiggler application.

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Features of Mouse Jiggler Software Application

When you have the Mouse Jiggler application installed on your PC, you do not have to wait in front of your PC just to move the mouse cursor to prevent Windows sleep mode.

Leve it to this tool. So, you can go away from your computer desk, and this simple tool will take care of moving the mouse cursor for you.

This application also gives you the option to automatically pre-enable the Mouse Jiggling when the Windows startup.

All you have to do is execute the mousejiggler.exe file with either the -j or –jiggle command-line switch.

The above option is for the regular jiggling mode.

If you want to do the same for Zen-Jiggling, you can Run the “-z” / “–zen” command line.

If you are interested in several other advanced command lines, refer to the below,

“-m” / “–minimized” – this will open the application in the interface minimized to the start bar.

“-h” / “–help” – This command line will take you to the additional help page of the application.

Many presenters use the Mouse Jiggler application to avoid the screen turn-off when presenting a PowerPoint slide show.

It really helps because you do not want to interrupt your presentation due to these kinds of things happening in the middle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix Mouse Jiggler app interface box disappearance issue?

This is actually a feature of the software and it is not an issue.

How to fix Mouse Jiggler not working issue when the application is minimized?

Please restart your computer and then reopen the application.

Does Mouse Jiggler support for Windows 10?

Yes. you can use it on almost all the Windows versions

Can i use Mouse Jiggler software application on macOS and Mac PC?

The latest version of the application might work on Mac. however there are Mac specific similar software that you can use

Can i download the Mouse Jiggler application as a Chrome Extension?

The application is available only as a separate software.

What are the alternative software applications to Mouse Jiggler?

There are few other similar software like Caffeine Mouse Jiggler

How to set the application to be opened automatically when the Windows start up?

Still there is no way to do it. so you have to open the application once the Windows starts up

How to get Mouse Jiggler on servers that does not have .net 2?

The process is similar for all the devices and servers