HushSMS APK 2.7.8: Download Free SMS and FRP Unlocking Tool for Android (2023)

HushSMS APK is one of the best Advanced android SMS tools with many features such as FRP Bypass, GSM Network-based messages, and so on.

hushsms primary image

When you send messages through the latest version of HushSMS App, they will be passed through specific security clearance such as penetration tests.

What is HushSMS APK?

HushSMS APK is mostly popular as an FRP Bypass tool among many android users.

Because, it allows the users to bypass the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock on almost all types of android devices.

The developers of the HushSMS app have integrated several advanced features into the app.

So that, the application uses the Google account verification lock method and several encrypting and decrypting techniques to bypass the FRP on your android device.

Once you unlock the FRP on your android device, you can lift all the restrictions and send the message to another phone to transfer information.

One of the critical features of the HushSMS is that the app has the ability to hide the sender’s information.

So that, the message recipient will have no clue about the sender as there are no logs or footprints.

As a result, it will not be possible to trace the message sender’s information from the recipient’s end.

However, the sender will get have all the required information, such as message delivery confirmations.

When you get the delivery notice, it indicated another valuable information.

Because, message successfully delivered means that the recipient’s number is active.

The HushSMS APK indeed has certain advanced features beyond the features required for regular use.

However, it does not mean that the application involving in any hacking or gaining any unauthorized access.

This means the application is totally legit to use in any capacity of personal and commercial requirements.

The application developer team releases regular updates to make it compatible with updated android devices and operating systems.

Android Package Information

Application NameHushSMS APK
File Size290 Kb
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, PC & Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 6 or Above

Download HushSMS App


Instructions to Download and Install HushSMS APK

hushsms apk download instructions image

HushSMS Applicaion available for all the type of android devices as well as PCs and Mac.

So that you can get it on your Windows computer as well as macOS computer.

The downloading and installation method varies according to your device type. Therefore, please follow the below guidance.

Also, you can visit the HushSMS official site for latest updates

How to Download HushSMS APK on Android?


Firstly, make sure that you have enabled the “Apps from unknown sources” option in your android settings menu

enabling apps from unknown sources option in android settings to install hushsms apk


Then, download the HushSMS APK file from the download section of this page.


Once the downloading is completed, click on the app installer file to initiate the installation process

Hushsms App installation command


Then follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation. Thats it.

The Simplified way to get HushSMS App for PC and Mac


Firstly, you need to install and android emulator like Bluestacks or ARC Welder on your PC


Then download the apk file from the above download section and browse it to the android emulator. thats all

browsing the Hushsms APK to android emulator

HushSMS App for Ios

This application is not avalable for ios devices. therefore, it is not possible to get this application on apple devices lie apple iPhone and iPad.

How to operate the HushSMS Android App

The application interface is not that complicated for the users. therefore you can find all the features and option in a centralized bar in the app.

Below are some of the support services offered by the App.

Regular SMS – Supports up to 160 characters per message.

Flash SMS – Instant message type that shows in a pop up windows and it will not be saved in your device or you will not be forward it to someone else.

Further, recipient will not get any information about the sender when it comes to flash messages

MMS Notification – Usually, these type of messages are received from the network carrier.

Ping SMS / Silent SMS – this is a notification less message and. it will silently drops the message in the inbox of the recipient

WAP Push SI – This types of messages are popular mostly among commercial users because it allows them to send messages such as software alerts, bills and so on.

The character limit is 40 per SMS

WAP Push SL – Messages from the network provider relating to the customer relationship.

Benefits of Using HushSMS App

HushSMS application can be used as a simple SMS sending tool as it is one of the basic features in the app.

However, there are some other benefits that you can get from the HushSMS apk, and some of them are as below,

The application can bypass any type of android screen locks.

As we have already mentioned above, this app has a higher success rate in delivering messages to recipients without senders’ information.

So this application could be considered one of the most efficient apps to manage verification unlocks and message sendings.

Why is HushSMS One of the Best FRP Unlocking Tools?

HushSMS APK was first introduced for the Samsung mobile devices.

However, the developers have expanded the accessibility to the application.

Therefore, now you can use the HushSMS app on any android device.

FRP Unlocking requirement usually occurs when you get a second-hand android mobile device.

We have not seen this requirement in brand new mobile devices.

Generally, we perform a factory reset when we buy a second-hand mobile device.

So when you do that, sometimes you will not be able to unlock your android device.

Therefore, the chances are high that we attempt to unlock the Android mobile device’s screen lock several times.

As a result, the device will be locked permanently because trying multiple times exceed the maximum attempts.

In addition to that, you will be asked to perform a google account verification in order to access the android settings section.

This is where you need an FRP Bypass tool like HushSMS apk.

This application can send short messages and push messages to your locked device from another device.

By following the information in those messages, you can bypass the FRP lock in your android device.

The simplified method to Unlock FRP with HushSMS

Please follwo the below instruction to bypass the FRP lock with this application.


Connect your device to a stable WIFI network.


Then, tab on the google verification locked phone’s screen to test whether the talkback option is working or not

google verification locked android device


Put in the SIM card to the locked phone


After that, install the HushSMS APK on another device by following the installation instructions given earlier in this guide.


So once the Installation is done, open the app and click on “WPA PUSH SL” button

WAP PUSH SL option


In that, choose the “using https://url”sub option and provide the phone number of the locked device as you can see in the below image

Also, make sure that yo enter the “” in the message body

sending a message through HushSMS APK


Then click on SEND THE WAP PUSH SL.“ button


Once you hit on “ok”. and then youtube will pop up and there you have to click on “Terms & Privacy Policy.“.

After that click on “Accept”


Then, get the Google Account Manager APK installed on your device and choose the versions as below.

v 5.0 for android OS 8 and 9

v 6.0 for android OS 6

Google Account Manager App installation command


Once the Google Account Manager APK installation is completed. open the app and click on “FRP Bypass”.

After that, click on “Browser Sign In”

Google Account Manager APK home screen


Sign in to your google account and then it will unlock the FRP of your device in few seconds

Lastly, restart your device to take place all the configurations

HushSMS Features

HushSMS APK is an open-source application, and therefore you can download it and use it for free of charge.

As we have mentioned throughout this guide, this tool’s primary purpose is to get rid of FRP matter.

However, there are certain other features as well in the app.

The free bulk SMS sending feature comes in handy when you want to send many SMSs to a group of people.

This option of the HusmSMS APK is popular among personal level users as well as commercial level users.

As this tool can bypass the recipient’s device’s security restrictions, the message will be dropped on the inbox of the recipient in any way.

The application interface is easy to understand.

Therefore, you can open the app and follow the on-screen instruction to perform the required tasks within the HushSMS app.

Limitations of HushSMS Application

The application supports almost all types of android devices.

However, there could be cases where the app does not support your device.

So, in that case, you have to wait till the developers’ release and update to fix the compatibility.

Frequent updates are essential for this kind of tool because Android operating systems and devices are getting upgraded every day.

So it is important to make sure that you have the latest updated version of the HushSMS APK for seamless performance.

Further, this application will not work on older Android operating systems.

So you need to have android version 6.0 or the latest one.

Also, there could be certain mobile network carriers that do not allow to use of these kinds of services.

There are certain debates among the android community regarding the fact that the HushSMS doe not works well without SendRawPdu or Xposed Framework.

However, we have not come across such an issue.

Sometimes, you have to be patient because the application could take several minutes to deliver a message.

This is very rare, but it could happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HushSMS App Ad-free?

Yes, currently there is no any Ads running on the app

Is HushSMS safe?

The application has a large userbase all around the world. further we have tested it with VirusTotal technology

How to Fix HushSMS not working issues?

If you face any issues using the app. make sure that have the right version of the app installed according to your Android OS version

Do i need the rooting permission in my android device to use HushSMS APK?

No. this application does not require rooting

What are the similar alternative tools to HushSMS App?

HushSMS is the popular one. However there are some other apps like iMyFone LockWiper and Tenorshare4uKey

Is HushSMS a Spy App?

No. The purpose of this application is to provide different type of SMS facilities for the users

Can I use the HushSMS application to unlock iPhone iCloud lock?

No. HushSMS app is only for android systems

Is HushSMS Application for all the network types or only for GSM Networks?

The application works only on GSM networks

What is SMS ping and how does it work?

It is a type of message that passes information without senders information

How to Fix HushSMS APK generic failure?

There are few reasons for it. below are some useful tips to fix it.

SIM card – Select the sim card to be used in this way. (Android settings – SMS and Phone calls – Advanced – SIM to use)
Also, Make sure that you are not sending huge bulk SMS at once to avoid this issue.

Does HushSMS work for Huawei devices?

Yes. you can use it on your Huawei android devices