ARC Welder: Download Chrome Web Browser Extension Android Emulator (2022)

ARC Welder is a popular application among many android users as an Android emulator.

arc welder android emulator image

This application is way different from the other well-known android emulators such as Blustacks and Nox player.

The primary difference between those android emulators and ARC Welder is that this android emulator comes as a Chrome web browser application.

What is ARC Welder Android Emulator Extension?

If you an android user, you might already know about android emulators.

Android emulators are the easiest way to install android apps on your PC.

When it comes to ARC Welder android emulator APK, it is not like many other android emulators.

The reason is that there is no software installation required on for PC because it is available on the Chrome browser web store.

Therefore, it will operate in the Browser mode.

However, if you are not aware of the term android emulator, below is a simple explanation.

Android emulator is usually a computer application that you can download and install on your PC.

So, the android emulators like the ARC Welder extension has the ability to create a virtual android environment on your PC.

In other words, these emulator applications can convert your PC into an android device virtually.

As a result, you can operate your PC as an android device and perform many things you would have done on an android device.

So, you can directly access your Google Play store account from the ARC Welder application dashboard.

And then download all your favorite apps on your PC.

Further, this android emulator application has also given you the option to install 3rd party APK files that are not available in Play Store.

APKs are also android apps, and the difference is that they are not available in Google Play Store.

In addition to that, you have full access to other app stores like the Filelinked platform as well through this emulator.

Application Package Information

Application NameARC Welder
App Size11.83 Mb
Content Rating4+
Supported Operating SystemWindows, Linux, macOS
System RequirementWindows 7 and Above
Category Tool

Download ARC Welder App


Simple Method to Download and Install ARC Welder

arc welder android emulator app download image

The downloading and installation process of ARC Welder application does not take much time.

so you can complete it within few minutes.

However, it is recommended to keep in touch with the ARC Welder official website to get latest updates


Make sure that you have installed the Google Chrome web browser in your PC.


Now, click on the download button in this page and it will take you to the chrome web store.


Then, click on “Add to Chrome” button

ARC Welder app on chrome web app store


Give it a couple of minutes to complete the downloading and installation procedure. Thats all

Operations Instructions for ARC Welder


Once the installation is completed, you can click on the application to open it.


When you open the application, you will see a option called “Add your APK”.

So click on it an select the android app or the APK file that you want to install through the ARC Welder android emulator.

Apk browsing option


After that, you can see several other options to customize the android emulator (for example, screen size)

other apps customization options


Thats All!

The application allows you to configure keyboard hotkeys to operate the application.

So that, you can set up keyboard keys to navigate faster within the android emulator.

Complaints regarding lagging, crashing, stuck problems of ARC Welder android emulator are very rare because this is not a heavy android emulator like other apps.

Further, this application is totally free to download and use, so there is no payment for ARC Welder addon like other android emulators.

However, it should be important to keep in mind that certain apps are not compatible with any android emulators.

So you will not be able to get them in ARC Welder as well.

You will get the developer’s notifications regarding the application, such as updates to your App dashboard directly.

ARC Welder and other Android emulators

If you have ever used android emulators on your PC, you might be already aware of android emulators Like Bluestacks, Nox Player, MEMU Player, and so on.

Those are some of the well-known android emulators, and sometimes, you might have already used them.

These applications are massive in size, and they consume a large proportion of your PC’s performance.

In addition to that, you have to have a high performing PC with the very of Graphic card to run these android emulators on your PC.

Otherwise, they will not be compatible with your PC’s specifications, and you will be unable to operate them properly.

However, the ARC Welder android emulator is different from those apps because it comes and as a Chrome web browser addon (extension)

So, the basic requirement to install this android emulator app is to have the Chrome web browser installed on your PC.

It will not require massive PC performance to get this chrome addon on your browser.

Because it is a much more simplified android emulator compared to those big android emulator applications.

Considering all those facts, the android emulator users tend to use the ARC Welder application among other similar apps.

The main reason for that is the simplicity and convenience of this application compared to others.

So the ARC Welder App extension for chrome makes your life easier when it comes to using android apps on your PC.

For example, you might be already using the popular social media app of Instagram on your mobile device.

However, its functions are not fully operational in the browser mode.

So, you can enjoy all the features of your Instagram account on your PC by installing its application on your PC through the ARC Welder android emulator.

Genymotion is one of the android emulator app that has similar features to ARC Welder and therefore it could be considered as an alternative app.

ARC Welder Features

As we have mentioned earlier in this guide, ARC Welder’s user base is growing day by day.

Therefore, the developers of this android emulator application have taken actions to increase the accessibility to the application.

As a result, ARC Welder supports many types of devices as well as different operating systems.

All you have to make sure from your end is that you have the Chrome web browser application installed on your device.

It does not matter whether your operating system is Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry PI, iOS, or whatever.

So that, you can get a complete Android experience on your PC as long as you have installed ARC Welder on your PC.

Apart from regular android emulator users, many android application developers also use this android emulator tool for development and testing purposes.

The reason for that is the developers can get an easy view of running performance and noticeable bugs from this emulator.

Also, it allows you to test the compatibility of any application in different types of devices such as Mobile, Tablet, and so on.

It’s an important step before the newly developed application goes live.

Further, the user interface of ARC Welder is so convincing for the users’ minds.

moreover, it has one of the most simplified operational menus and widgets in the app dashboard.

This android emulator allows you to multitask between your computer and the android emulator because it comes as a web browser application.

So you can work both on your computer android emulator together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get ARC Welder android emulator on Chromebook?

Just install the google chrome web browser and then install the ARC welder through web application store

Is ARC Welder APK safe?

Yes. the application is a verified app in the Google Chrome Web App store

Is ARC Welder App Free?

So far the application available for free of charge

How to fix ARC Welder not working problems?

This is a rare incident. however, if you are facing any problem with the app. please re-install the application

How to Fix ARC Welder APK not loading issue?

Check your internet connectivity and make sure that your internet connection is not lagging.
then close down the application and launch it again.

Where do ARC Welder saves files?

You can define a path to save the files in the application settings tab.

How to fix ARC Welder download interruption issue?

before you begin with the application download, make sure that your internet connection is stable.

Is ARC Welder compatible with Windows 10 operating system?

Yes you can use the application with Windows 10

Can i download ARC Welder on Mac?

Yes. as long as you have chrome browser installed on your Mac PC.

Is ARC Welder an android studio app?

Android studio is also an another android emulator. so both are in same stream with different features