CyberFlix TV Not Working – Best Cyberflix Alternatives (UPDATED 2023)

As we all know, Cyberflix was one of the best streaming apps after the discontinuation of the famous terrarium app.

In this article, we will explain the Cyberflix TV not working issue and recommended alternative apps for Cyberflix.

Cyberflix tv not working

So, millions of people all around the world downloaded the application and used it daily to watch movies and tv series.

One of the main reasons why Cyberflix became a trending app is that it offered all the latest movies and tv shows free, similar to a premium service provider like Netflix and Hulu.

Why is Cyberflix TV App not working?

We have been receiving many questions daily from the streaming app users as to why the Cyberflix app is not working properly.

To be specific, many questions are regarding the fact that CyberFlix TV “no data” error.

Apparently, this issue is prevalent with the TV series/ shows section of the app.

However, the Movies section of the Cyberflix tv application works great as usual.

Why Tv shows Section of the Cyberflix TV Does Not Work?

As we explained above, when you go to the tv shows section of the application and head over to “Seasons” sub-options will probably get the below error screen.

cyberflix tv not working

So, we have researched as to what has happened to the Cyberflix app tv shows section and what is wrong with it.

Then we found the Cyberflix TV official Facebook Group and noticed what causes the issue.

As a result, we have found the following statement that had been posted on the Facebook group by the developers of the application regarding the tv shows section of CyberFlix TV Not Working issue.

cyberflix tv no data error

So, in simple words, API is something that connects two platforms and transmits data from one to another.

According to the scenario of Cyberflix TV, TMDB has suspended the Cyberflix app being using their API to extract the data (i.e., Tv shows) to the app.

How Long Will It Take to Restore the Cyberflix TV shows?

As seen in the official developer statement, they have specifically mentioned the below,

“There are obviously some very sad individuals out there who get their kicks by doing this. Please be patient, we will have you back up and running as soon as we can.”


Therefore, you will have to wait until the developer to fix the Cyberflix TV not working problem.

What are the Best Alternatives for Cyberflix TV App?

The Cyberflix app was indeed a great platform to watch all the latest movies and tv series free of charge.

However, we will have to bear some time with developers until they fix the application.

So we have evaluated some of the best alternative application to Cyberflix TV that offers a similar service for free.

More importantly, all the streaming apps listed below can be easily installed on any type of media streaming devices like Amazon Firestick, Nvidia Shield, Roku, Chromecast, Android tv box, Smart tv, PC, and Mac.

Therefore, you will not feel any difference between these apps and Cyberflix app

So let’s see what those alternative apps are,

Cinema HD Apk

Cinema HD is one of the well-established streaming application with lots of features like Cyberflix TV.

You can watch all your favorite movies and tv shows with this app.

Further, it allows you to integrate Real debrid and Trakt as well.

So that, you can have fast entertainment experience with Cinema HD App.

Also, it is one of the best alternatives to Cyberflix TV.

Below tutorial will help you to download and install the Cinema HD App

Cartoon HD App

There are millions of users all around the world who use the Cartoon HD app to stream free video content.

It allows you to watch and download all the movies and tv series that are available on the application media library.

Further, you can integrate external media players like MX player, VLC player, and so on with Cartoon HD Apk.

Therefore, Cartoon HD also one of the best alternative apps to Cyberflix TV.

Below detailed guide will help you to download and install the Cartoon HD streaming app

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix Cyberflix tv not working no data?

You will have to re install the application with latest update.

How to Fix Cyberflix tv not working 2020?

There is an issues with the tv series section of the app. however movies section works fine.

How to fix Cyberflix tv not working when downloaded issue?

Yo might have downloaded an older version. please download the latest version.

How to fix cyberflix tv movie download not working?

In the latest version, there is no issues with the Movies section of the app. you might have to update the app.

Why cyberflix tv not working on firestick?

This is either because you are using an older version or you have not installed the original app.

Why cyberflix tv shows not working?

Developers are currently taking actions to fix this issue. once tv shows section is restored, we will notify you.

Why cyberflix tv not working on android box?

Currently, there is no such issue prevalent with the app

Why cyberflix tv links not working?

All the movie links are working. however, there is a issue with tv shows links

Why cyberflix tv not working on bluestacks?

You probably have to install the latest version of the app.

cyberflix 3.3.0 not working?

This version of the app works fine other than the tv shows section.

why cyberflix not working on nvidia shield?

Latest version works well on Nvidia Shield. you might try to update the app.

Why cyberflix search not working?

Searching features works for movies. however there is a issue with tv series area.

Why cyberflix vip 4.0.9 not working?

You might have to contact developers for that. however, if the issues is in relation to the tv shows, you will have to wait till it is fixed.

Why cyberflix update 2020 not working on firestick?

The latest update works fine on Firestick. you may try to uninstall the older version and re install the newer version.

Why download play option not working cyberflix?

This issue is not applicable to movies library of the app. however tv series section has to be fixed

Is cyberflix down?

No it is not down. it works well. there is a issues with watching tv series and developers are fixing it.

cyberflix no data 2020?

This issue is prevalent only in tv shows section.