Mozilla Thunderbird: Download Latest Version for Windows, Mac and Linux

Mozilla Thunderbird is another free and open-source application of the Mozilla Foundation.

The primary feature of this software is to manage user emails efficiently.

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Further, Mozilla Thunderbird is a cross-platform application, and it is available Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

What Is Mozilla Thunderbird?

This email management app was first released in 2004, after successfully launching the Mozilla Firefox Web browser.

Mozilla Thunderbird is an excellent alternative email management application for Microsoft Outlook.

Further, this app offers the user many more additional features than Outlook.

After about a few days from the release of this email management software, it reached more than one million downloads.

Since then, Mozilla Foundation regularly issues updates for the application in terms of security and maintenance.

Apart from email management, Thunderbird allows you to manage newsgroups and news feeds as well.

Moreover, you can handle multiple user accounts at the same time using this application.

Further, with the introduction of the Gecko 5 engine to this email client app, it has become much faster and even more competitive software for other service providers.

When it comes to the security of the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, it provides an exceptional service similar to a paid service.

The bulletproof spam filter of the software will stop receiving unnecessary and spammy malicious emails to your account.

If you were a previous Microsoft Outlook user and you do not use it anymore, you can use Mozilla Thunderbird with the Exchange support.

This means Thunderbird offers you the support services to migrate from your old Outlook account.

Software Package Information

Application NameMozilla Thunderbird
File Size38.83 Mb
Content Rating12+
Supported Operating SystemWindows, macOS and Linux
System RequirementWindows 7 and Above

Download Mozilla Thunderbird


How to Download and Install Mozilla Thunderbird?

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You just have to download the installer file from this page and follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation process.

How to Use Mozilla Thunderbird?

Why Is Mozilla Thunderbird One of the Best Email Management Software?

This application is straightforward to use.

So anyone can import their contacts such as email addresses and other contact details from any of your Outlook accounts and different types of email accounts.

Further, setting up your POP3, IMAP, or SMTP accounts in Mozilla Thunderbird is lightning fast, and it takes no time.

This email management software allows you to organize you receiving emails into separate folders using its filtering options.

So that you can specify your pre-determined criteria and set up which emails should go to which folders.

Thereby, it reduces the chance of you missing out on your important emails and saves your time.

One of the unique features that we can see in Mozilla Thunderbird is that its spelling and grammar checker.

So, it will help you in drafting professional emails.

Also, it prevents you from making significant errors in your writing.

Moreover, you do not have to invest in another software for spelling and Grammar checking as long as you have Thunderbird installed on your PC.

This application works as a multiple tabbed mode software.

For example, it looks like a web browser.

Further, there will be separate tabs or windows that will be operating for distinct features.

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Mozilla Thunderbird Features (Review)

This app can handle multiple virtual accounts so that you can have many identities for emails.

The spam filter feature in Mozilla Thunderbird is considered to be one of the best in the market.

Also, it allows users to avoid unnecessary troubles.

The newest interface improvement is the application gives you the option to navigate through different options at no time.

Further, the slick tabbed interface is very user friendly when it comes to email management.

One of the most important features in Mozilla products is that it allows you to embed additional plugins and extensions.

So that, you can integrate services and additional options that provide by 3rd parties to the Mozilla Thunderbird.

This email management application comes with an in-built RSS feed.

Even though it is an outdated function, it will help you if you follow the RSS feed at the same time when you are drafting emails.

Further, the search feature of the application allows you to search for emails by keyword and find them in real-time.

So, once you search an email by your keyword, it will be operating in a separate window and shows you the results accordingly.

If you want to clear your inbox folder but do not want to delete emails in it, you can use the archival email feature of the Thunderbird.

So, it allows you to clear your inbox folder as well as keep such emails in another directory.

As a result of Mozilla Thunderbird is open-source software, volunteer developers take actions and necessary steps to strengthen the operating efficiency and security of the application.

Message Management

Message management features of Mozilla Thunderbird include handling multiple user accounts, labeling options, dedicated folders, filtering, and grouping emails and notifications.

Junk filtering

The Bayesian spam filtering option can understand the types of messages that you receive and classify them accordingly.

Extensions and Themes

As Discussed, Thunderbird allows us to integrate external extensions and thereby increase the features of the software.

So, you can also get many themes for the application and change the appearance as you prefer.

Supported Platforms

Mozilla Thunderbird is a cross-platform application so that you can download and install it on different platforms like Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Downsides of the Application

If you have ever used Gmail, you probably have noticed their latest feature of conversational type email threads.

So, on the downsides of Mozilla Thunderbird is that it does not have that feature yet.

But we can hope that developers will add that feature soon.

However, if you are seriously seeking that feature in Thunderbird, there is a separate extension that you can install on the software to use that feature.

Another disadvantage of Thunderbird is that it does not have prover tools to manage media files such as images and videos.

Again, the unavailability of a calendar option is another downside of this email management application.

However, you are given the option to download the calendar feature separately to the Thunderbird.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Mozilla thunderbird help?

You just have to contact support from the official website.

How to download and install Mozilla thunderbird on windows 10 32 bit and 64 bit?

The installation process is same for all the type of Microsoft Windows versions and bit versions.

Can I get Mozilla Thunderbird for android?

No. Thunderbird is not available for android operating system

How to update Mozilla Thunderbird?

You will get automatic update notifications to your application dashboard. Further, you can always visit this page for latest updates.

Where to get mozilla thunderbird add ons?

You just have to Google the term “thunderbird add ons” and there will be various sources that your can get add ons from.

How to add a signature in Thunderbird email management app?

You have to go to the email drafting settings and set your desired email signature.

is mozilla thunderbird any good?

It has many features than Outlook.

How to backup Mozilla Thunderbird?

Go to “Settings” tab in your software and find application backup option.

How to change password in Mozilla Thunderbird?

You can follow the password change option in software settings. Further, you can follow the “forgot my Password” option to reset your password.

where does Thunderbird store emails?

It stores email in a separate server dedicated for emails.

How to fix mozilla thunderbird not responding issue?

You just have to update you application. If not try to uninstall and re-install the application.

How to transfer mozilla thunderbird to new computer?

You do not have to transfer anything. you just have to install thunderbird on your new computer and login with your default account.

Is Firefox email and Thunderbird email same?

Yes it is the same.

How to do the email setup for Thunderbird?

once you open the thunderbird application you will be required to initiate the setting up of your email account. so follow the on screen instructions to complete the proceedings.

How to view thunderbird browser?

You can get Thunderbird portable email management application and use it on your browser.