FunVideoApp Video Editor App for Android: Free Download Updated Version (2022)

FunVideoApp is a free video editing app with powerful editing features that help you to make professional-looking videos in one minute.

This Android application is the best choice for a personal journal, storytelling, family memories, travel guides, and more.

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The FunVideoApp APK features a slide-show mode, which is perfect for creating events like photo slideshows, holiday cards, and dating profiles.

What is FunVideoApp Video Editor?

FunVideoApp is a powerful video maker that allows you to create professional-looking videos in just one minute.

With this powerful tool, you can choose from different filters, music, and video effects to customize your project.

It has a clean and user-friendly interface so that it’s easy for anyone to use and it is a powerful video maker that allows you to create professional-looking videos in just one minute.

Further, With this video maker, you can choose from different filters, music, and video effects to customize your project.

It has a clean and user-friendly interface so that it’s easy for anyone to use.

Moreover, The FunVideoApp APK is an awesome video maker with a wide array of features to help you create great videos.

The app offers over 100 filters that can be used to give your videos a unique look when compared to other video editing applications.

FunVideoApp video maker also has a built-in slideshow generator that lets you quickly and easily add transitions, titles, and text to your video.

In addition, the app includes features like slow motion and fast trimming that can be used to create amazing videos and the best part is that the process is very simple and quick, which means you will save a lot of time in creating your own videos.

Also, the app also offers many options to customize your video like trimming, cropping, editing colors, and more.

Furthermore, it has an advanced sharing mechanism that allows you to share your videos on Facebook and YouTube without any copy or download options.

FunVideoApp is a fun video maker that helps you create memorable videos in seconds.

Android Package Information

Application NameFunVideoApp Video Editor
File Size26.6 MB
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, Ios, PC and Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 or Above
CategoryVideo Editing Tool

Download FunVideoApp


How to download and Install FunVideoApp?

Download instructions for Android, Windows, and IOS are given below.

How to download and Install FunVideoApp APK for Android?

You can use Google Play Store to download this application.

FunVideoApp Video Editor App for PC and Mac?

Please use an “Android Emulator” to run this app on your PC or Mac because this application is only developed for the Android operating system.

How to Get FunVideoApp Video Editing App for IOS?

You can get the FunVideoApp from Apple App Store.

Unique Aspects of This Video Editor App

  • FunVideoApp APK
  • video editing filters
  • FunVideoApp editing options
  • FunVideoApp home
  • other editing options of the app
  • timeline for media of the app

With plenty of features, this app lets you add photos, text, and music to videos, as well as apply filters, transitions, and other effects to them.

Additionally, this app is easy to use and has a simple interface that makes it easy to create videos.

You can choose the type of video you want, then choose a photo, text, or audio file to add on top of it.

FunVideoApp also lets you adjust the frame rate for your video and include transitions between different videos.

This tool is an easy-to-use, yet powerful video maker and it provides a variety of features, such as slow motion, fast trimming, and more to help you make great videos in just one minute.

Also, it is suitable for all people who are interested in video-making regardless of age or expertise.

This app is compatible with most video-capable devices and does not require professional video editing skills.

You can also experience other similar video editing apps like Funimate, Fotoplay, and so on as well.

In addition, the FunVideoApp video editor includes a tutorial for beginners and a preview for expert editors.

The app also provides many customizable options such as speed, volume, and trimming of videos.

FunVideoApp Features

FunVideoApp APK is the best app for creating and sharing short videos, it has a lot of video editing tools that allow you to cut videos, add filters and sound effects, and change the speed or the order of videos.

With the rise of social media and the demand for content, many people have turned to video as a way to get their message across.

There are many great video editing apps out there, but one I find particularly helpful is FunVideoApp.

This fun app has many video editor tools, and you can select photos and videos from your gallery, with no watermarks.

Best of all, it is a free-to-download application and now you know how to use your phone as a powerful video camera

You can enhance your video with a variety of filters and effects, add captions & stickers, trim videos, and more on this fun app.

Also, the filters, transitions, music, and voice-over features of this app are designed to make videos more fun.

This app has no ads or in-app purchases and uses only safe, non-tracking links to content providers.

Slow motion video is a very cool effect, but it’s not always easy to get it perfect.

Therefore, you can change the speed of a video with FunVideoApp with just one click.

This app is a free and easy-to-use video editor, helping you make your own videos with the coolest features.

You can add text into video, picture in picture, trim video, crop video, add music, and you can also trim the music. There are many other functions to explore.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FunVideoApp Pro version of the App?

If you want to get the full FunVideoApp experience, you should get the pro version of the app because it has all the features you need as a video editor.

What is the FunVideoApp video editor?

This is an Android application that allows you to do all your video editing work.

How to add music to the FunVideoApp app?

Just tap on the “import audio” button to import all your favorite audio clips to FunVideoApp.

Is the FunVideoApp video editor safe?

FunVideoApp is a completely safe-to-use application.

Is FunVideoApp Free?

It has a free version and a paid version as well.