Funimate Video Editor App for Android: Free Download Updated Version (2022)

Funimate is one of the best video editing apps to be downloaded on Android mobile devices.

With a simple design that makes it easy for anyone to use, It is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

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The app offers both video and photo edits, making it fun and versatile.

Funimate APK comes with easy-to-follow tutorials, so you can learn how to use the app effectively.

What is Funimate Video Editor?

While it is mostly intended for entertainment purposes, Funimate offers plenty of filters and effects that will also make your videos stand out from the rest.

It is the best video editing app you can find on mobile! The app is super easy to use and offers a wide range of amazing features.

There are no ads, and all of the clips are free to use. You can edit your videos easily with different filters, transitions, and effects.

Funimate is also really easy to share your videos with friends on social media.

Aside from that, it also has a feature that you cannot find in any other apps.

Also, you can make huge collages by merging multiple videos together or leaving them as they are if you want to save some time.

I highly recommend this app because it is very easy to use

In many ways, life has changed since the invention of the digital camera.

Nowadays, people take a lot of photos and videos on their smartphones and upload them to social media.

However, it is not easy to edit these photos and videos for an app like Instagram or Snapchat.

Fortunately, there exists a video editor app that helps users quickly extract the best moments from their videos without breaking a sweat.

Moreover, the Funimate video editor app lets users quickly extract the best moments from their videos without breaking a sweat.

The app can be downloaded and used on iOS, Android, and as well as Windows.

The basic version of the App is free to use while additional features are available with paid upgrades.

Android Package Information

Application NameFunimate Video Editor
File Size93.9 MB
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, Ios, PC and Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 or Above
CategoryVideo Editing Tool

Download Funimate


How to Download and Install the Funimate APP?

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Downloading and installing Funimate is easier than most other apps.

How to Download and Install Funimate APK for Android?

Go ahead and download this app from Google Play Store with one tap.

Funimate Video Editor App for PC and Mac

You can install an Android Emulator in order to get this app running on your Windows PC or Apple Mac.

How to Get The Funimate Video Editing App for IOS?

You can directly install this app directly from Apple App Store.

Why is This a MUST Download Video Editor App?

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  • Video editing features of the app
  • video effects and filters of the app
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Need to include your favorite celebrity in your video? Want to add subtitles? Or share it on YouTube or Instagram?

With Funimate Video Editor you can do all this. The app is available for Android and iOS devices.

Furthermore, this video editor is a free app for Android phones that converts short videos into professional-looking videos.

You can add text and music to create a fun video, share it on social media, or download it to edit later.

In addition, the creators of Funimate Video Editor have a solid reputation for creating an awesome app to help people make amazing videos.

The latest version of this video editor app, allows you to merge, cut, and trim video clips easily.

This cool video editor has excellent editing tools that allow users to quickly trim the video footage and easily add text to it.

When it comes to video editing, FotoPlay, FilmoraGo, and so on are also some of the best apps.

The app also has an inbuilt video player that allows users to watch their videos without any hassle.

Lastly, you can also add text, photos, and music to your video seamlessly with the program’s simple interface.

Funimate Features

Funimate is a video editing app that looks like no other. It allows you to save, share and edit your mobile videos in just a few minutes.

It helps you create the perfect video for Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat in a quick & easy way without any fuss.

Further, if you want to make your mobile videos stand out, consider Funimate. This app lets you mix several videos into one to create a better-looking final product.

This awesome editor can also be used to add text and music via your phone’s microphone or even create a slide show from your photos.

This is a great video editing tool for mobile devices. This app lets you shoot, edit, and export videos to your device.

Moreover, Funimate also has features that handle sound and music, as well as titles and transitions.

If you are looking for an easy way to make a quick video from your iPhone or iPad, simply use the built-in

We all know how much time and effort it takes to create a YouTube video.

Also, Funimate is the fastest way to make professional-looking videos without having to go through the hassle of editing in a long, drawn-out process.

With this video editor, you can create a professional-looking video in just minutes.

This video Editor is a brand new freestyle video editor.

That allows you to create amazing fan edits or spice up your freestyle videos with unique video features like transitions, custom animations, video, and text effects, and filters.

It’s the perfect tool for all the creators on YouTube looking to express their creativity!

A new way of producing videos called Funimate Video Editor allows users to add stickers, backgrounds, and overlays to their videos.

Moreover, these effects for video can be seen on the likes of Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. It is a completely new way of making original content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Funimate Pro version of the App?

It comes with an advanced set of features.

What is the Funimate video editor?

This is a complete video editor that is developed to work with your phone.

How to use the Funimate reverse video feature?

Find the exact part of the video that needs to be reversed and then tap on the reverse button.

How to add music to the Funimate app?

There are two ways of doing this. The first method is downloading audio files from the Funimate online store and the second method is to import audio files from your local storage device.

What is Funimate Mod APK?

It is modified by other developers.

Is Funimate video editor safe?

Simply yes! this application guarantees the safety of your device.

Is Funimate Free?

You can use Funimate free of charge.