VLLO Intuitive Video Editor App for Android: Free Download Updated Version (2023)

VLLO is an intuitive video editor for Android that you will love.

First of all, it is easy to use so you can edit your videos from within the app and with just a few taps you will be able to add filters, music, captions, and more.

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This awesome video maker has a simple timeline for editing which means adding clips is easier than ever before.

So, you can adjust your video resolution to give it a pro look.

VLLO APK is something that you will definitely want to try out.

What is the VLLO Intuitive Video Editor?

VLLO is the perfect editing software for those who want a good editing experience without complicated features and difficulties.

The interface is intuitive and easy to use, with all of the necessary features that you need to edit videos. and make them look good.

Therefore, it is an intuitive video editor for beginners and casual users.

It is a video editing App for people who just want to jump in and start editing videos.

VLLO also is an intuitive video editor for casual users who just want to learn to edit videos from the scratch.

This powerful Video Editor is easily the best all-inclusive video editing Android Application on the market.

It has a wide range of features that allow you to edit your videos with just a few clicks.

Its interface and realistic touch editing will make video editing accessible for beginners and casual users alike.

Further, the VLLO intuitive video editor allows for quick and easy video editing and it has all the features you need to make a high-quality video without any previous experience.

It also has a modern and eye-catching design.

Most features are available at the touch of a button, making editing your video easy.

Moreover, this video editor is the only app that allows you to zoom in and out by simply touching the screen.

You can also customize your background or add cool animation effects.

Android Package Information

Application NameVLLO Video Editor
File Size96 MB
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, Ios, PC and Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 or Above
CategoryVideo Editing Tool

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How to Download and Install VLLO Intuitive Video Editor APP?

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Downloading and installing VLLO is not a complicated process at all.

You can follow the easy guidelines below to get this app installed.

How to Download and Install VLLO APK for Android?

You can do a simple Google search and find this application easily, the APK version is available on this website also.

You can directly download VLLO from Google Play Store.

VLLO Video Editor App for PC and Mac

Pc and Mac users have to install a program called an” Emulator” and it allows users to run any Android application on their PC or Mac.

“Bluestacks” is one of the best Android Emulators you can install.

How to Get VLLO Video Editing App for IOS?

You can easily download and install VLLO from Apple App Store for your Apple device.

Powerful and Unique Aspects of this Video Editor App

  • VLLO Intuitive Video Editor APK
  • VLLO Intuitive Video Editor editing features
  • other filters and transitions of the video editor
  • supporting editing features of the app
  • video editing timeline of the application
  • VLLO Intuitive Video Editor app home

VLLO intuitive Video Editor is a whole new way of editing videos.

You can zoom in and out with two fingers on the screen, add animations, and customize your background color.

Therefore, it has all your needs covered and you can easily create any video project you have in minds such as a marketing video, training video, welcome video, or product tutorial.

The ability to preview makes it easy to see exactly how your videos will turn out.

There are some other video editing apps like VITA, Video Guru and so on also available where you can get a similar editing experience.

VLLO is a cutting-edge Android App that provides an intuitive interface, allowing even the most inexperienced editors to become knowledgeable in video editing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the VLLO Pro version of the App?

VLLO pro version comes with unlimited features that unlock all the freedom for editing as much as you want.

What is the VLLO video editor?

This is an Android application where you can do all your video editing work.

How to use the VLLO reverse video feature?

The “Reverse” option is on the timeline of the video project. You can easily play any video backward using the “Reverse” option.

How to add music to the VLLO app?

VLLO has a dedicated online library for all your needs. You can choose one from there

What is VLLO Mod APK?

It is the modified version of the app by other developers.

Is the VLLO video editor safe?

VLLO developers have announced that they don’t share user privacy data with any third party.

Is VLLO Free?

Yes. This is a completely free-of-charge application. However, if you want to get the pro version, you have to subscribe to their monthly plan.